I'm Singin' In The Rain
May 15, 2006


Sears Tower in Sears clothing, FedEx Pope, La Bamba in CTA suit, John C. Reilly, Jeff Garlin, Chicago Small Talk Moment, Vlasta the Polka Queen and John Mayer doing the Blues with the band; totally worth the 4-block queue under the heavy downpour, and insane Chicago wind. Conan is the shabiznit on the cob.

That's what I'm talkin' about. Image: NBC5.com/Conan

Oh and here is Conan trying to play the Blues with Halsted Blues' own Lil' Ed. Check out that '52, I think, Tele.


john mayer tu best! ko gi ngan sapa?

ngan julian dak uiuc. ko kenal kan? jambu2...


asrif hon! why didn't you ask me to go with you?!?! We could have shared a turkey sub and sing to Sweet Home Chicago all night long, baby....

Call me hon! I have some extra "koyok" for my "hola mi amor~!"

Your ebony sex kitten,


wahhahhahah.. Tamica.. lol

haha, sian julian kena cap jambu. nasib baik tak pegi MCKK...muahahah
ko jadi pegi conan o brien? amcam live show? or lagi best tgk tv?

lancau tamika...

mcm aku takde modal je nak spam balik...

kirim salam kat lauren ngan jin ye tamika...

wah wah wah
heh heh heh

judd: ko gi amek ajep aritu?

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