Blue Moon
July 25, 2006

I was 9 and the walls of my room were slowly being filled with posters of Red Devils, namely Bryan Robson, Paul Ince, Brian McClair, Dennis Irwin, Gary Pallister and 19 year old Ryan Giggs; all sloppily torn from the pages of Shoot and Match. Yes, I was once stuck in a pile of MANUre; pun intended. Then again, I was 9 and the only other players I knew were Ian Rush and John Barnes. My cousins would laugh at Rush’s ‘tache and the way Barnes walk was one of my uncles’ antics.

My dad, along with his brothers, hated big clubs; oh the fiasco of watching a Selangor - Kelantan match on the telly. Realizing that his son was on the brink of deviating from a sacred family tradition, my dad pointed out a poster of Paul Walsh and told me that he’s an awesome striker and he plays for a much cooler football club, also in Manchester and I ought to check them out. At the same time, more and more kids at school were starting to sell their souls to the Red Devils. And you don’t wanna be like the others do you?

Live coverage of the English league during the pre-cable years of Malaysian TV was obviously not as extensive as it is now. So I could only watch the weekly highlight show on TV3; Tuesdays nights IIRC. Despite their mediocrity in the league, I gradually learned the value of supporting a ‘real’ football team. Happiness came from the joy of winning and surviving amidst the barrage of world class players coming in and out of the country and sadness creeps in with the bitter taste of defeat and of course, relegation; as later demonstrated by the team’s fall into the 2nd division during the first few years of the EPL.

Those tasteless posters of the Red Devils are now Starbucks cups and the only poster on my wall is that Paul Walsh poster. Niall Quinn was the only other star of the team before their stint at the bottom trenches of English football. And after they got back into the EPL, things have been somewhat bittersweet. The Keegan years have long gone and the memories of Marc Foe will always be remembered at the Eastlands.

Today I stand tall as a City fan eagerly waiting for the kickoff of the 06/07 EPL season. And as I ponder upon the latest team roster, I’m having high hopes for the team to do well next season. With the passion and wise guidance of Psycho, I’m seeing the team in the top flight, or UEFA, or Champions League, or above all, winning another Derby. Heck they can go losing 36 times and win the two Derbies and I’d be smiling all year long :).


cukup cukup la reka citer tuh wei

u suke man city ke asrif? i pun sama la..kita mmg best la..hahahah....bila stat keje weh/?

judd: buat airport takde tanah!!

jeghi: aku pun tatau bila stat. futsal weh weekend nih...

Berangan laa weh nak menang Premiership ... maing seghupo tahik mene Coca Cola Championship boley aaa

butoh ah badol, gi amek order nuh...

serih pe cer? kau tak guna msn msgr dah ke?

haha... ada je. aku kat msia la, kekadang je aku ol. bila ko balik?

Oi serip sebyk pemain baru si Pearce beli Man City tak ke mane gak ... baik masuk Div 2 balik aaa .. buang mase sial main dlm Premiership .. baik tgk ko buat belly dancing lagi menarik

menggelupur ah lu badol...

hola mi amor, hon!

miss you! when are you coming back to Chicago? we'll do the routine of hitting jazz and blues club while singing Sweet Home Chicago in the rain!!! XD

take care, luv.

wahahha tamica....

i see your rig has been minimised. still in evanston or you're back in malaysia?

btw, sempat tak tgk clapton?

haha... amp rig kena slim down to fund the axes. and im in msia; 'bout 3 weeks now. baru balik from melantak in penang.

tiket clapton gua dah beli tapi skang tgh crossing my fingers dok berharap dapat fly balik to layan clapton + bring home me rig. :-o

slamatt brader...

haha jgn harap aaa nak dtg balik... dah dok melepak kat Msia...

Sham cite ko dah nak ship barang balik Msia... ape citer bai?


jual jek doo tiket clapton tu.

selamba snoop.

layan AF jek laa snoop kat Malaysia haha

Dang.. aku baru jumpe blog ko Serih..
ko la antara org yg kalau sesape tanye die tu minat team mane, aku boleh cakap Man City; walaupun 2-3 tahun tak sembang bola. city`s first game season 06/07 lawan the mighty blues kat stamford bridge..
dunne vs sheva..lauk molek tuh..hohoho

topik: haha city for life...

mael_tote: natam ah mael. kalu city menang aku suko kerah ko mung. bakpo mung tok kelik msia? org dok giat maing futsal blako nih.

gi ada gambar2...

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