August 24, 2006

Oh WTF Ben Thatcher?

And here's another one from a few years back.

Damn he needs a good kick in the nuts.


yellow?? no way! that is even worse than pakcik Zidane. He didn't even go for the ball at all!

I can already feel the vibe of the new 'blackie' riding the tweed Fender amps. The ambiance - fantastic mood for blues. I'm just counting the days. Dia dah dekat tapi jauh... jauh tapi dekat.


apa kelas bola?sini dah start iklan world cup ragbi..hhaha..gile tertekan aa


bajet sideburn panjang freddie king aa hah?.. pigi dah.. melantak je tau


alee: tlg sedekah tiket aku kat bluesman mana2 kat tepi jalan downtown chicago kalo aku konfem tak dpt pegi nnt... sobs :(

jeghi: aduh jeghi sori la kitorang takde masa la nak layan menda2 tu. busy sgt main bola...

lepak malaysia layan Mawi laaa snoop, lupakanlah clapton, buddy guy, mayer...

banyak main bola kocek laa lu

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