September 06, 2006

I'll be reporting to PETRONAS LPPG on the 16th. Hence, my dream of catching up with the guys and enjoying Clapton in Chicago, is a no go.

Yet you know what they say, it doesn't end 'til the fat lady sings. And I don't hear no big momma humming...

Ah, the blues with some shrimp on the barbie. Not the bluesiest of towns but since when is Surrey? Oh dear God please let this happen...


Dude, baru jer masuk url baru. Mana hang tau url gua? hehe...wah sama dept ngan judd, leh lepak la geng..

website dinna le.

bebila ada can kita gi chill skali. pls bwk ur entourage of chicks being hotness beyond words. trima kasey...

Master Clapton.. 20th.. blackie with tweedie.. milky smooth blues.. I like that... I like that...

ticket = 100 bucks

t-shirt = 30 bucks (aku bajet lah)

My journey with other blues aficionados on the train.. priceless beb.. priceless...


hoh nok masuk kijo doh.. jange malah2..
alee syiok napokkk

priceless camne pun kalau dah fadzlee tu fadzlee juga snoopy...

aduh, member tgh layan ko gi potong ngan fazley lak...


dah cuba ko nengok, part blues dia nak ber-aficionados on the train but kalau blue layan webcam solo dlm bilik...

wth, man...where's the obligation to your fellow man?

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