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September 09, 2006

"Hidup mesti tahu bersyukur. Berpegang kuat pada asas kehidupan, agama dan budaya. Walau apa juga musik yang dimainkan itulah terasnya. Musik blues, rock dan tradisional itu hanya sebahagian daripada seni sahaja."

The words of Ramli Sarip often put me in a bewildered heap. And last night, I had the privilege of listening to them live, in between songs that throughout the years, taught me that we once had our own Deep Purple.

While driving through the messed up traffic of KL, heading towards the tower, I had a million things on my mind. I anticipated a full house, consisting of those who packed Stadium Merdeka during the Sweet Charity reunion some ten years ago. And I expected banners all around the area with stalls selling concert memorabilia.

But as I drove up along the roads of Bukit Nanas, I was reminded of the year that I'm living in. Apart from the opening bands rehearsing up on stage, the atmosphere was anything but extraordinary. It was like any other day at the tower. Even the line entering the tower is much longer that the line going into the concert area. And I was again in awe as I walked into the area and encounter the scarcity of people. It is indeed 2006 and those who came to the reunion concert might be too busy spending quality time with their families that evening, after a hard week's work.

Three bands from NTV7's Rock Unite opened the show and like any other opening act, we had a really long and dreadful hour.

At around 10pm, with a customized Taylor acoustic on his shoulder and backed by a band full of virtuosos, brader Ramli took over the stage and the crowd roared with all their might echoing the area as if they're twice their size. And chants of song titles filled the air; most of them Sweet Charity's classics.

Ramli opened his act with an acoustic verse from Bukan Kerna Nama. He then mumbled some words, put down his acoustic and out came that keyboard intro. The same riff that introduced me to the brilliance of Sweet Charity's music. The same riff that Mamat Khalid used at the beginning of a movie of his about the heydays of Rock Kapak. And the same riff that put the crowd on their feet to sing along to the beautiful words of, Sejuta Wajah.

I was surprised that he chose to play the song that early in the show despite its capacity to shiver the crowd down their spines.

Following Sejuta Wajah was an array of very excellently chosen songs from the prime days of Sweet Charity namely Kamelia, Tahun 2000, Ribut, Jangan Tunggu Lama-lama, Batu and many more that I fail to recall.

The highlight of the night though, has got to be his rendition of the Deep Purple classic, Black Knight. Brader Gamal told me once that back in the late 80s, at the Sweet Charity and Blues Gang double header gig, they did a cover of Child in Time. Well I suppose last night's cover would kick just as much ass.

The other cover for the night was Wonderful Tonight. Just as I thought they'd be playing Dia, the awesome Sweet Charity take on the Clapton classic, Ramli invited the head of SIC whose name I forgot to take over the mic. Seems like a cool enough guy I thought as he got the song word by word.

The only other guest for the night was Lan Pet Pet who was actually a member of the audience. Ramli invited him on stage to do his hand trumpet bit for Teratai and I suppose he did a nice job blending in his weird tone to the song.

We were soaked in sweat from headbanging and air guitaring. But it was definitely all worth it; the most meaningful RM30 I'd ever spend in my entire life. As small as it may be, this very show is way up there in my book, along with the Deep Purple Bananas Tour stop at the Chicago Theatre some two years ago.

Plus, we bumped into brader Ramli while slotting coins into a vending machine. Leaving those few cents in the machine we shook his hands, amek berkat, and snapped this…

At times, I wish I'd lived as a twenty-something during the 70s and 80s as those were the golden decades for our own brand of Rock and Roll. But I breathed a sigh of relief as I drove home last night. Despite living in a world tainted by shitbrick music, I managed to experience to glorious live performances of our legends, or some might prefer, otais.


alah sialllahh, gambar gua kabur, ahh...


Rock Unite -- aku ada sekali imbas layan band2 yang main kat youtube. Unless aku punye deria pendengaran dah banyak kurang, apa hal tak de band lain ke yang lagi mantap, ketat, & beghat?

Andainya kau, salah, Riz, Mat Sarawak & ciloklah mana2 vox yang boleh masuk line, masuk compete - perghhh paling kurang final, ye ke tidak nie firasat aku? Andainya lah kan ....

-wa, pak andak-


mungkin aku expect lebih lagi kot dari band2 rock unite tu. pasal diorang dah masuk botb mcm tu kan, aku budget line gempak2 mcm brader yg bleh tarik style amy dlm vid tu la...

i segan la nak main ngan hustler2 mcm riz n mat sarawak. tak berani you...

Bapak gelap sial gamba .. x macam Ramli Sarip pon mamat tuh .. aku rase cam mamat kasto kat Union je

gambar ni lagi gelap badol: https://mywebspace.wisc.edu/bhmdbadursah/web/pirate%20sikit.jpg

tapi mcm ane kat darul ehsan aa...

kau tak elok doo kutuk ane kat darul ehsan tu. punya susah payah dia nak carik rezeki halal boleh ko samakan dia ngan badol. sian aaa dia. penghabisan darjah sifat kau samakan dia ngan badol. kalau dia baca sure dia nangis dooo.

badol takleh kene sakat doo. kalau kene sakat mulalah pegi post kat blog dia nak tunjuk "e-jock". memacam aaa alasan dia, racism aaa, tak fair aaaa

but one thing aku amazed puting dia macam anime doo...Teh Shizznit!!111!1!

wahahaha... ok la aku tak samakan ngan ane tu...

tapi takleh deny aa snoop, pakai baju pirate gitu mcm jack sparrow bollywood la plak. aduh la...

puki lu jack sparrow bollywood .. lu lagi gaye cam org utan buat belly dancing

saba snoop nih sape?

mamat ni nyer pasal la ko cancel tennis. wtf..

kamon aa mr. b, hero gua nih...

ala kot ye pun aku takleh join, bleh je on kalo cukup korum...

papehal minggu ni bleh rentap lagi. maz dah takde, so kualiti sket gameplay kita...

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