My my my...
September 14, 2006

I'm stumped, or even baffled, if you will, by the number of companies exploiting the word 'my' in their businesses. It's everywhere. And at times, a 'my' at the front would be followed by a '.com' at the back. No matter how they tend to use it, I don't see anything remotely appealing about it.

But as I try hard, pushing my brain's comprehension ability to its limit, to fathom the scenario, I came across something rather amusing on my laptop. This one apparently, belongs to Toshiba...

MyConnect. The only internet connection you'll ever need.

Funny shit IMO. As most might beg to differ, I reckon some would concur.


Oh, I got one of those MyConnect too.

Same brand 12' inches.

Great review. Gets the job done. Toshiba dawg... good stuff!

Dude .. I had to look up the internet to find wtf is IMO

don: oh mine is 15 FYI bro, a tad bigger than urs. quite surprising there's one in such size; considering toshiba is japanese...

bart: try spending more of ur time growing up...

Damn! 15' bro...Toshiba Satellite Ramone. I thought about getting that one but 12' is good enough for me. At least for the mean time. Gets the job done, snoop.

Badol ni makin lama aku baca komen2 dia latest makin speechless aku nana...

mane aku tau sial korang pakai shortterm2 nih .. aku bukan cam korang hari2 dok depan komputer chatting je

LMAO Bart, IMHO u can STFU.

JK je bart, jgn marah lak.

Bart said...

aku bukan cam korang hari2 dok depan komputer chatting je

1:11 PM



Apa???? myconnect is 12 inches???? hahahahahahahahah

by the way, ni Sarimah. Ingat nak tekan yang kat other tu, tapi tertekan kat anonymous lak!

hei... tekan tu pun tak tau... mcm bubu/ayang/baby boy kau...

Clapton is awesome!!! had a blast last night!!!

Dia main semua lagu yg aku suka plus lagu2 baru dia yg tak berapa sedap sgt. Lineup kali ni gempa do!! kira tak rugi 100USD aku... puas hati...

encore dgn Crossroads... gila kau... senak kepala otak beb


tambah satu lagi... encore crossroads ngan Robert Cray tu .. pergh..double senak kapla otak pak andak kata.

sempat kaut Clapton nye tour picks collection jer. T-shirt aku dah ada.

during concert, awek2 kat keliling dah tak pandang dah... clapton atas pentas dah cukup memukau lah... dah aa kat Chicago tu... Chicago Blues... Chicago Blues....anwyay dgr kata dia singgah Spore.. sure Otai2 ramai turun tu beb..


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