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September 12, 2006

I should’ve just slept early last night. While losing to the rags is just the worst thing in any season, being defeated by a newly promoted side is certainly somewhere down there.

Yet, they did deserve the victory as our desire to win, compared to theirs, was definitely far-fetched from being strong. Well, maybe half of the team gave everything they had but the other half? They were playing as if they were in a pick-up game, with strangers that is.

Going into the game, both teams were at the end of two extremes, us stuck in the pitiful end. Reading has the second best away record in the league with 29 unbeaten games, trailing Chelsea with 46. City on the other hand, have been losing away games since the dreadful second half of last season.

Our starting lineup was decent, to say the least.

The defense was indeed a strong one and I was all out positive with Weaver guarding the posts behind the very men who guarded our penalty box from the mighty cannonballs shot by the Gunners some two weeks ago.

Moving further up on the field though, I started having doubts. Three games into the league and I have yet been impressed by Dabo and though Reyna has experience, I think Hamann would fit the position better.

Up front is where it frightens me. City old-timer Dickov’s only contribution to the team thus far had only been his nuisance to goalkeepers during corner kicks and Corradi, I just don’t know what to make out of him. The critics have been pretty lenient with him saying that he needs time to adjust to the pace of the English game. Myself however, I don’t quite see him producing goals or making a real impact to the team.

Quite surprisingly, we held more possession of the ball throughout the game. Nevertheless, possession doesn’t win you games, goals do; reminds me of the five woodwork shot we had before losing by a goal to Bolton last season.

And after 23 minutes into the game, Icelandic international Ivar Ingimarsson swiftly heads home one for the team.

Entering the second half, I still had hopes of the team securing a point from the Madjeski stadium. Moreover, there was still a very good line of subs on the bench.

Conversely, Psycho did the unthinkable. He subbed Richards for Trabelsi and we all encountered the youngster’s wrath upon being brought out. And it was only appropriate for Psycho to say that he’ll educate him, while endorsing the spirit brought in by the player. As the fans ran amok on the boards of the Blue Moon forum, I can only hope that Richards won’t be another SWP.

The second half subs did well for the team nonetheless. Trabelsi and Miller dashed the ball very efficiently up front and Samaras got himself a few chances, only to fade away amidst the cheers of the Royals.

The team lacked connection. There was no understanding between the players leaving passes going nowhere and dummies being intercepted. The chemistry between the players was no better than that of Anna Nicole Smith and her late husband’s.

As optimistic supporters look at the 4 points we got from 4 games, two of them involving Chelsea, Arsenal and new high flyer Pompey, I’d rather look at Dabo missing the next few games as a bright side, post last night’s game.

I say, come Blackburn this weekend, let Samaras and Corradi start, Richards and Trabelsi handling the left defense and midfield area respectively or vice versa (as Shebby suggested) and Hamann back in the starting XI. And I can’t wait for the debuts of Beasley and Isaksson.

Darn it; one penalty goal from 80 minutes of play. Could’ve done better with Weaver up front I suppose.


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