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October 01, 2006

"The bottom line of it all is that when you get a goal in the last minute emotions will run high!" - Stuart Pearce ending the post-match interview.

Brilliant! (Image: BBC)

Addendumb, dumb, dumb:
"Given the midfielder's impetuous nature and the exuberance generated by Micah Richards' equaliser in the fourth minute of injury time at Goodison Park, there was shock but no real surprise when Barton decided to follow his legitimate celebrations with the visiting fans by cheekily shoving down his shorts to offer the home supporters in the Park End a view of his bare backside.

As crimes go, it was not particularly heinous and came within seconds of a heart-warming gesture to offer his shirt to a disabled City supporter. But, with complaints received and local police involved within minutes, the matter will now be included in referee Andre Marriner's report, leaving the FA to decide whether to charge Barton with improper conduct." - The Manchester Evening News
And time stood still as it encounters a new level of intelligence deficiency. Heck why would we call ourselves the Blue Mooners in the first place anyway?


lawa sehh gol richards..jarang aa anak melayu bole wat gitu..

tak melayu mana...

turun aa futsal weekend ni aku buat mende sama. yg last gol bila brader sports barn suruh berenti main... jgn terkejut la jeghielka(sheff utd) volley last minit gak...tu baru melayu sejati tu...

serip nak shoot goal cam tuh ??
gua roflmao aaaa itu macam .. mmg jgn harap sampai mati xkan jadik nye

haha macho siut gol jagielka aritu...

whot a screamer!

akhir tahun lu balik kan? asah la bakat tu cukup2 dulu...

badol: kecoh ah lu...

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