We fed the Goat. Let's feed the Greek!
September 26, 2006

”City supporters tend to believe that unpredictability is an inherent trait of their team, and label unexpected results "typical City". Events that fans regard as "typical City" include City's being the only reigning English champions ever to be relegated (in 1938), or the more recent example that City was the only team to beat Chelsea in the 2004-05 Premiership, yet in the same season City were knocked out of the FA Cup by Oldham Athletic, a team two divisions lower.” - Wikipedia

Crisis? What crisis?

The past week has been a very agonizing one for Psycho. After suffering a blow to a fellow mid/low-table team at Ewood Park in the weekend, League One team Chesterfield kicked City out of the Carling Cup in a disgraceful 2 – 1 lost. Not to mention the wasteful defeat to Reading the previous week after 90 minutes of having more possession of the ball at the Madejski.

Coming into the West Ham game, there was an assortment of views among the fans. Most backed the manager, looking at the good home record; achieving victory over the Gunners and being the only team, so far, to steal a point from Pompey. At the same time, some were already calling for Pearce and Wardle’s heads. Their pessimism highlighted the dreadful pace of our forwards and the player’s lack of desire. Not to mention the opponent’s hunger for a triumph since the arrival of Tevez and Mascherano.

I was stuck between the two sides, to be honest. But I would certainly not take part in the exchange of curses that Barton and Distin had with the fans after the Chesterfield game. You just don’t do that as a fan.

My worries alleviates somehow as I ponder upon our starting XI. With numerous new signings still unfit to play, I have to say that the lineup was the best we could’ve assembled.

Playing 3-4-3 with Hamman and Jordan helping the defense and Sinclair and Barton feeding in the ball to Corradi, Samaras and Miller was brilliant. This, unlike the usual 4-4-2 would allow the team to push up more and have more control over their offensive front. Evidently, as seen in previous games, Samaras and Corradi really needed the pace of the midfielders to create chances for them to finish.

On the other end, though they started Mascherano, Tevez was on the bench so that was quite a breather.

The first half was a really promising one, with City relentlessly bringing the ball into the Hammers’ penalty box but only for the shots to go wide. Plus, possession of the ball was in our hands. Strangely though, Nicky Weaver was rarely challenged despite the great form of Zamora and Harewood. The first half ended 0 – 0 but left much optimism to the fans, myself included.

City looked stronger than ever entering the second half. The pace and strength of Richards and Miller were literally scaring the hell out of the Hammers defenders. And five minutes into the half, after a blistering run into the penalty box from the other half, Miller’s shot was deflected by a defender only to be coolly ‘chested’ by Samaras before volleying the ball right into the back of the net. And it took City only 13 minutes later for Corradi to head the ball between two defenders, feeding the ball right into Samaras’ feet before he slot the ball into the right corner of the goal. Two goals ended the 21-year old Greek’s goal drought since the later half of last season.

It was a miraculous win to say the least as it shone some light to the future of the club for the season. And it’s the future that we have to really look at. It’s about time the team play some real, good football, as a team.

I call for more starting role for Miller and Richards and bring in them Academy graduates. I’m more than sure there are tons of kids hungry for goals running around the classes in Eastlands.


dey tamby...yennah choleH?

amitabh bachan? sial ko mamat tu punya la hensem macho. legend tu...

bagi ah mgr ke... johnny lever... baru betul...

Dude, gots tah admit. Didn't read this entry. Rajin kau tulis pepjg ek?

Gotsa admit what? Bola?

Aku dok umah mentara takde kerja ni, cuba je la tulis apa yang larat.

Posa cukup? :)

Aku tgh rasa semacam je ni, gastrik ke.

kalau rasa tak sedap badan tu snoop, pakai koyok salonpas. pastu amik gamba antar kat member. kalau dah abih stok, mintak jek kat ely suruh belikan. jersey real bole present kat abg if tersayang, takkanlah koyok salonpas takleh support.


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