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October 31, 2006

Last week I was laughed at by my 10 year old cousins as we sat through the 90 minutes telecast of Wigan’s 4 – 0 mauling over a very sorry City side. Legally, I’d be disowned by the family should I deliver a few piledrivers and chip in some German suplexes to those kids for making fun of me. I was that disturbed, emotionally.

Then again, they had all the rights to mock me (buggers are fans of Arse, Manure and CSKA London). What gives? Just minutes after being down by a goal, that team captain heads the ball into the back of your own net. That, before the opposing team threw in two more goals with only seconds between them.

And so goes the fan’s weekly call for the manager’s head. I could only care less. All that matters is that we put the poor show at the JJB behind and set things straight against Boro; which I think we did.

Thanks to daylight savings, I had toothpicks in between my eyelids to stay awake ‘til 4am. Consequently, I spent the whole day enduring a massive headache due to lack of sleep; even after two gulps of Uphamol. But it was all worth it.

Three full points after Dunne found the correct end to score the winning goal from Barton’s corner and Dickov’s usual nuisance to the keeper. It was as straight as that. City finally had some of the more important elements they’ve been missing all these while: passion, desire, determination etc. Despite attendance at the COMS being the lowest ever, a highly-spirited City team seemed more than ready for a showdown.

Yet, I had mixed feelings about the starting XI. The fact that Reyna and Dickov was in it instead of Trabelsi and Vassell, only to come later in the second half is somehow upsetting. Though Vassell blew away two one-on-one chances toward the end of the game, I’d put him in the first XI over Dickov anyday; judging only from Vassell’s speed and size. On the other hand, a good starting debut for Beasley. Despite his size, the pace and flair he brings to the team is very refreshing. Oh, and quite a decent comeback from a more reserved Ben Thatcher. I think he did well throughout the game.

That said, here’s my starting XI: Weaver, Richards, Distin, Dunne, Trabelsi, Barton, Beasley, Miller, Sinclair, Samaras, Vassell

Not too shabby eh? Bottom line, we gotta quit the nonsense play some good football, consistently. Unbeaten at home with no goals conceded means nothing without any points away from home.

I’m still not watching City games with my little cousins in the future.


Dude, City won the game just coz of pure luck .. they ain't that good anyways

I don't know why the hell Viduka didn't play or Yakubu didn't get any shots on target

btw when did city get beasley? Never heard of that transfer on soccernet pon .. ke bcoz City is such a 'lame'(gaye Azman) club that it wasn't worth mentioning warghwarghwargh

now badol, at 22? 23?, you should know that luck is a very subjective matter and as far as I can recall, the last time i made fun of another team by saying they won by sheer luck, was back in 94, when brazil beat italy to win the world cup.

i was '11' and i only said so cos i was 'supporting' italy to lift the cup. i knew 'nothing' about the technicalities of football hence i knew no other comeback when my friends mocked my prediction. u know, the "nasib je" chant...

thank God I grew up.

viduka was injured and yakubu didnt get any shots cos he was unlucky, to say the least.

beasley is on loan from psv. he jumped in the city bandwagon in the late hours of the summer's transfer window.

biso molek serih skiping..aku x tgk chelsea-barca.camna game?best ke

"Asrif masuk NU pasal luck."

kata A bug's life toon.

jerry: sakit ati beb tgk barca lwn cska moscow. 11 kad kuning. main kejap berenti, main kejap berenti. moanrinho kecoh barca byk main tipu player2 dia pun 2x5 je. letih2. natang drogba score lak tu last minute. aku dah nak tido dah time tu...

baron: jgn beb, sian aa dia... haha...

silap2... cska london, bukan moscow...

Epi goldtop?... hmmm... noice!!

Dude I said that City's win was 'nasib' coz football depends on it. That's what makes football interesting. You just don't know what's gonna happen next.

Take the 1999 UEFA Champions League for instance, I myself admit Bayern Munchen conquered the match and therefore they deserved to win.

But Bayern only controled the match, they didn't have luck on their side. And on the last couple of minutes of the game Man Utd scored 2 goals and won the game. Now that's pure luck.

I never said Man Utd deserved to win but what can I do? Bak kate Zainal Abidin Rawop "Nasib menyebelahi kite" nak buat camne?


cuak nih tunggu kapal sampai. nali ckp in 2 weeks time. puh la semua selamat...


to each his own, and i'll take ur point while i'll still disagree.

nonetheless, imo, city menang bukan pasal nasib and bukan pasal diorang gempak. they're just a decent mid-bottom table team. their win was largely due to boro's shitty performance.

and i never discarded the point of luck being a part of football. true enough, they bring color to the game. cumanya ko ckp "Dude, City won the game just coz of pure luck". somehow, that translates to "city menang nasib je weh" in my book. and that reminded me of myself back in '94.

i'd agree anyday if u said "city menang nasib je weh. boro main cam bangsat..." though.

go FC Copenhagen!

guano copanhagen menang ni?hahahah..

jerry: haha, tanya aa badol. damnit apsal la aku tak tgk game tu. ngantuk sangat aa semlm...

itu gua tahus .. nak cakap xde star main x gak ..

tapi aku tau kalau Man Utd lwn Manchester DBKL mesti ManUtd menang nye

haha Manchester DBKL...

serip, lu ade tgk kaylani baru? ade brg baru hantar la weh..

two rags on my site. damnit...

badol: tahus la plak. fergie blame padang, backing jer aa... haha blame padang...

manloq: kaylani? sapa tu? ko salah blog nih. u wanna go to ali's or salah's...

btw manloq, sori gua tertroll kat man u/copenhagen post game thread kat maxxed. page 6 rofl...

wildcats won against the hawkeyes... impressive!!

same shit, different year...

bottom of the table, 0-5 conf, and they beat the hawkeyes. giving some hope to their fans...

come next week they'll lose to illini or minnie. pissing off their fans...

and the week after, they'll win over a top team, psu, osu or such. bringing back hope to their fans...

...before having another 0-5 run from the other teams in the Big Ten.

Typical City! eh... Typical NU...

why TF am I following these teams...

yo dude, takyah citer la bola, bukan leh gi mana2 city.. main bola lagi penting, perut boroi mau kasik kempis

takleh gi memana pun menang ngan team lu gak...

minggu depan la beb main bola... minggu ni byk umah beraya la...

lu tanya2 djemba2 bebila mlm minggu kalo ada kosong?

ya allah, bestnye dpt main bola nih.rindu sial nk rembat perut serih.


lu jgn nak bising pasal rembat la weh. ko pegi la mana2 tempat futsal pun tanya dia ada tak dlm sejarah dia ada keeper terlepas gol celah kangkang ngan keeper team lawan?

damn apsal la takde video time tuh

sape laaa keeper yg lemah sgt tuh

oi kwn2 aku loq nih...oi badul ko gi rentas desa laa lg byk faedah drp ko gi sakat si serih ngn man city die.

wahahaha loq

ko komen je kat memana entry baru, baru badol nampak. takpun ko gi redah terus badwool.blogspot

menggelabah badoooooooool

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