Unplugged in Shah Alam
October 11, 2006

When you’re sitting inches from a 3-ft tall stage and four of the country’s legendary musicians are jamming on it, you just know that Lady Luck has a thing for you. Or at least that’s how I felt last night.

Only a few days ago, after watching the Dylan Unplugged DVD, I daydreamt of enjoying an unplugged gig in the usual small, yet ornately decorated studio. And last night, I need not dream anymore. I was at the dim lighted chandelier filled Sri Pentas 2 studio to witness the first recording of Akustika, TV3’s equivalence of MTV Unplugged; due to air on the second or third day of Syawal.

The special affair featured Ramli Sarip, M Nasir, Jay Jay, Zainal Abidin, Andy and Nan as the guest musician. On the stage, the setup couldn’t be simpler. Zainal handled the percussive duties while the rest had their acoustic guitars on them, with Nan in charge of the lead parts on his Yamaha 12-stringer. Everyone was on stage throughout the show.

The setlist was, as far as I can recall:

1. Ramli Sarip – Senandung Hidup Berbudi
2. Jay Jay - Belaian Jiwa
3. Zainal Abidin - Manis
4. Andy - Atas Nama Cinta
5. Andy - Aku dan Kamu
6. M Nasir - Juwita Citra Terindah
7. Zainal Abidin - Suraya
8. Ramli Sarip - Jikalau Berkasih (UBER-PWNAGE as usual)
9. Jay Jay - Petang Sabtu (a take on the Eagles' One of These Nights)
10. M Nasir - Satu Hari Di Hari Raya

So, be sure to tune in to TV3, Raya 2 or 3 to catch me and Salah the show.


yo brader .. sape nak tgk muke lu wey .. tgk ramli sarip aaa .. oo jay jay hidup lagi eh xtau aa plak aku kewujudan die

ada je lagi... mcm dlm album wo sora dia live...

ko dok depan pentas ke kat atas ke kat belakang ni serih? kol brape dan hari ape ek? aku nak tengok gak ni... dah ade streaming ni..

haha depan... masa & waktu tu yg tak tau. tanya brader aritu dia sendiri tak sure. mlm ni wings plak, utk tv9 raya gak kut. gi ngan salahx gak... abe nali busy nak raya kat kb...

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