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December 12, 2006

I’m envious of my schoolmate, Muziman. He’s enjoying the privilege of following a team that actually has significant connection to him. He’s a Perlis born and bred and a die-hard fan of the state’s football team. Every now and then he will send text messages to his friends, including myself, to go out and fill up the empty stadiums. Most of the time however, his messages would just call people to drive up to Kangar and root for Perlis; which is pretty unlikely.

I, on the other hand, am currently clueless about the Kelantan FA. I know nothing about them now and how they faired in the league, or where they are in the league for that matter.

While I wasn’t born there and grew up in Selangor, my father is from the state and I’ve been following the team since I was seven. I would rush my way back from school in the evenings to catch up with my dad before making our way to the Merdeka Stadium whenever Kelantan was playing away games against Selangor or KL. My hero was the Maradona and Pele hybrid, Hashim Mustapha and apart from Gila-Gila, Dunia Bola Sepak was the only other monthly magazine that I followed.

Following our semi-pro league back then was just pure fun. Heck, I think the passion people had for local teams matched, if not surpassed, that of the English teams. It was just far more colorful. The players, both local and foreign, had a relentless desire to win. The coaches, I would’ve likened the feud between them to the ones between Jose, Fergie, Rafa and Wenger today. The media focused their attention to the local league; having news about our league at the back pages of the papers. And the fans, they were exemplary to say the least; following their teams through thick and thin.

But it all vanished at the exposal of the match-fixing scandal in the mid-90s. Almost all of the country’s brightest and most promising football stars were banned from ever setting feet on the pitch.

There were of course efforts by the FAM to relieve the glory of our local league; with the introduction of the professional league. Their attempt failed to garner the same interest from the people however; at least in my book. The same professional league had gone through so many phases that I reckon most of us don’t even know, on top of our heads, the names of the leagues and how they work. I’ve read about the M-League, the Super League and whatnot occasionally but my lack of interest refrain me from reading more about it.

With only days ‘til the start of the M-League, I’ve decided to give it another try. Maybe I was a tad too preoccupied with my studies (hell yeah) during the past years. Or could I be giving too much attention to the EPL. Whatever it may be, I’m giving it another try. Lemme start off by looking up where Kelantan would play next year. Are they? Playing anywhere?

I want to wake up one morning, fire up the laptop and check for updates on Kelate.net first, before MCFC.co.uk.


poyo aaa ko nih ngaku jer aaa ko sokong selangor .. dah aaa ari tuh gi game selangor pakai jersey chicago fire .. mmg patut kene tembak ngan boyan2 yg sokong bambang pamungkas nih

wahaha... pasal tu la aku pegi pakai jersi chicago... sial je badol, punya la baik ati aku pegi teman ko bleh accuse aku tahpaper...

haha....chicago fire MLS my ass!..weh gile besar jersey ko kirim size L, tak kurus lagi ke? takkan jogging tak turun2. ape2hal,tahniah la richard DUNNe barai giler weekend arituh.

zaman Halim Napi penjaga gol ganah dulu tuh..

a hallmark card with corny phrases = USD 4.500

a box of weird name chocolates = USD 20.00

getting 3.5 for bribing your TA = priceless!

The years of template emails have long gone, my friend. It's the age of chocolates bribery.

maz: aku nak defend diri pun takleh. defend mmg cam cilaka aritu... natang haram... jersi city mmg kecik ah, tu aku amek L... haha

pengyu: oi gi kelih kelate.net tu current team dia ado lagi halim napi. wtf, tak update... ke mmg dia lagi?

snoopy: peh, 20 bucks terbang nana... email template tak kuar sen snoop. but ye la not as effective at the same time...

gilo halim napi maing lagi? otai tuu..

x yah nak poyo aaa jersey City kecik .. ngaku je aaa perut ko ade one-pac baik punya

Temankan aku konon .. dan-dan ... weh tapi syok gak aku tgk boyan2 tuh menjerit2 "Referee Bodoh Yeah!"

kejor yob kejorrr...

weh ganu punye ape?

makang ikang atah pinggang..

aku rasa lah..

aku tgk video klip hashim mustapha tuh .. xde aaa power mane free kick die .. aku rase aku penah nampak goal hashim mustapha yg cun x ingat .. ade skali die buat bicycle kick dayymmnnnn cun gile tergamam sial aku

ganu... peteh ganu aku rasa... ingat2 lupa ah...

badol... satu ni je video dia ada kat utube, mana tah user yg upload tu jumpa aku pun tak tau. kalo bleh aku nak gak tengok gol2 lain yg lipat melipat mencanak2 tu...

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