December 04, 2006

...I'll just leave the previous post 'til the Derby game this weekend.


byk gile gitar ko serih

guitars > notes played on a guitar solo

now thats bloose!

jual aa che adek merah tu snoop.

btw, dude. lawak anonymous sweet home chicano tu class doo... camna aku bole miss natang tu.

alee ke tu? atau ah leng?

musiciansfriend tgh ada sale, kalau kau nak aku beli papa sound aaa

aku rasa alee tu... takpe, nnt balik aku bawak dia jumpa kembar dia... haha...

ready for some ass whooping this weekend??

hak enen...
ngan underdog team pun nak ass-whoop. dgn team besar baru terkincit.
tgk Ben Thatcher hentak pondan yg pakai jersi no 7 tu nanti.

bart: well, i can only think of the scoreline the last time we met...

penulis: wahahaha... for real lawan liverpool aritu thatcher motm aku for city... solid tak hingat2...

emmph berangan aaa brader nak menang lagi skali .. ko mengharap je laa kat si Joey Bontot ko

goodluck blue loser!


aku best aa weekend ni..bnyk local derby...chelsea-arsenal,mu-mc,lazio-roma
aku x sokong mana2 sgt..janji player fantasi aku skor dh aku sokong arsenal jap aa weekend ni..menyampah tgk ashley cole..

Hi sweetie, check out my new page! I uploaded new pics! It's hot! =P

it's more of a gloomy sky than a sky blue today ya?

but hats off to micah, better guard the boy tightly from CSKA London bastards.

manloq, a disastrous derby on my part but a very good game overall. whot a goal by trabelsi and a great debut for isaksson. but corradi... he should've gone to ronaldo's school and took diving 101 with him. disgusting dive...

oh and another thing, gloomy sky rather than sky blue... i'd take that... ur taunt beats badol's 'joey bontot' by a few million miles no doubt. heck u're a year younger than us...

3-1 wins. 9 pts lead. enough said. let the numbers do the bickering.

2 games in hand.

bickering schmickering... all in all youre just a fan, just because everybody else does and you dont wanna be left you no right to brag at all, pussy.

Nope .. trailing 8 pts with 1 game in hand hahaha thank you arsene wenger woohoo

so there's anonymous 1 vs anonymous 2?

ni badol bawak penyakit anonymous dari site dia aaa ni

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