Movie Credits
December 29, 2006

What do you call the guy in charge of making the credits at the beginning/end of a movie? Whatever it is, those in charge of the task for local movies gotta leave the bong at home.

Very often they’ll mess up the actor’s name. For instance, Jalil Hamid can be Jaleel Hamid, Jalil Hameed, Jallil Hamid, Jalil Hammid, Ziela Jalil, Jalaludin Hassan and even Restoran Jalal or Jack and Jill!

I’m super serial. 8/10. 5 bucks on the table.

It might a petty detail to some, even moviemakers, but I believe that it’s these little things could confuse the audience.

Say you put up a shot of Jalil Hamid at the beginning of the movie, but the name on the screen is not ‘Jalil Hamid as Pak Ali’. Instead, Awang the credit typist guy misspelled it as ‘Restoran Jalal as Pak Ali’.

Now being the gullible audience that I am, not knowing that there was an error, I would be overwhelmed to know that good old Restoran Jalal to where I’d chill out at most of the time is now playing a role in a movie!

Well, imagine my disappointment at the end of the movie; realizing that I was tricked into believing that it is possible for a restaurant to play Pak Ali, whose wife died some 20 years ago and had to take care of his 4 children who then left for the big city leaving him alone in the village.

It's a cruel cruel world.


kau presiden jalil hamid fanclub ke serih?

what's your point?

pie, lebih kurang...

judd, points are overrated...

General Jeepers Creepers

Jalil Hamid bukan mamat yg nyanyi lagu ayam ke?

lagu ayam, ayam la nyanyi


uish modal ayam tu cantik placing, snoop


jap, snoop mana ni?

penulis tu bukan aku... nnt aku bagitau sapa kat tpt lain...

mmg nice placement no less...

aku tau tu penulis, tapi baru tau dia ada talent gak buat lawak gini.

Serius, aku still amazed ngan placement lawak tu. work of a genius, bro. We could learn a thing or two...

haha... true enough...

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