King of fools?
January 10, 2007

Not long ago, I watched American History X for the first time. It was indeed a great movie but there was one particular scene that I’ll never forget. In it, Ed Norton pointed his gun to the back of the ‘bad’ guy’s head and forced him to bite the roadside curb. As the guy was shaking in fear, Ed landed a heavy stomp right through his skull and I never saw that scene ever again. I reckon some of you know which scene I’m talking about here.

Anyway, some might wonder the pain and suffering of such a horrific act. I’d rather not. But if you are one of them, wonder no more.

Just tune in to Raja Lawak Astro every Saturday at 930pm and feel the wrath of Ed Norton.

Oh and if you’ve got better things to do on Saturday nights, which I doubt, there’s Awie Records at 930pm on Mondays. Their scary chops make Faces of Death look like Teletubbies the Movie. Warned, you were.

Now, back to Raja Lawak Astro.

So basically Astro would send out their Otai Lawak (AR Badol, Jamali Shadat, Jalil Hamid, Sabri Yunus) to tour the whole country and audition acts to be a part of a 14-contestant group who will then be trained and assigned tasks to be performed weekly. In other words, it’s just like AF, without people wasting their prepaid credits on terrible singers; only dreadful comedians.

And the winner will be offered his/her own show on Astro. You read it right. A whole 30 minutes of airtime weekly.

When I first heard of the show, I was actually interested in seeing what it has got to offer. I’ve met a lot of funny people throughout my life and I bet they’re many more out there yet to be discovered. We live in a country where humor is an essential part of the people’s daily life. Malaysians laugh all the time. Make a 360 twirl at any local market on a Sunday morning and you’ll see at least one makcik laughing one of the fishmonger’s antics. Heck, we arguably live in the funnier, in a good sense, part of the world.

So yeah, I thought I could give the show a chance. Astro gets the benefit of the doubt.

After sitting through one of the three audition episodes though, I realized that I was wrong. So wrong that paying RM10 to watch Nana Tanjung at the movies look right.

True there are always some bad apples in the sack. You can never get a sack full of rotten ones. Unless of course, the sack is Astro and the apples are the folks who auditioned.

They failed to even draw a fake smile on my face. On the other hand, I spent the whole hour trying really hard to grasp the funnier parts of the show, unsuccessfully.

What they managed to do though was bring me back to the mid-90s, when Sinaran was the one of the only few talent shows on TV. Before Sinaran was strictly a singing competition, TV3 made the contestants threw a skit prior to singing. And week in, week out, the same humor concept are being displayed.

Exact same people showed up at Raja Lawak…

  • The Kids – They’ll dress up and talk like kids. Pony-tailed twenty and thirty year olds sucking their thumbs with a huge bottle in their arms is not funny; it’s disturbing. And tuning your voice way up high and dragging your words while you’re at it is simply annoyance at its best.

  • Hey let’s laugh at my dialect! – These folks will just simply talk in their dialects, without any humorous content, at the very least, in their conversations. Talking in your dialect is not funny; unless you’re Syah.

  • I’m loud. Hence I’m funny. – The organizers gave you the microphone for a reason. You don’t have to shout your ‘jokes’ out loud for people to be able to hear it. In fact, why would you? If you’re that funny, just talk normally. Mr Bean mumbled less than 5 words throughout his TV years if I recall correctly.

  • One Person Playing Two Characters of Different Genders Act – Nope. Sorry mate, if you ain’t no real she-male, you ain’t funny.

  • Clowns – Some would wear all the costumes in the world with hope that it would help them out in making themselves funnier on stage. Afro wigs, colored face-paints, vampire teeth, strap-ons or whatever else you fancy yourself in are a thing of the past.

  • Impersonators – If you can’t impersonate a police siren like that Police Academy guy, just voice jokes are just as funny as Carrot Top. And please stop making fun of Sammy Vellu. Have some respect for Uncle Sammy!

Those are some of them. I guess you get the idea by now.

And no, I don’t have to be funny to make fun of people who think they’re funny. I am in no way obliged to prove myself funnier than any of the above as I wasn’t the one who auditioned. Since when do you have to be FIFA’s golden son to get pissed at football players?


serih, aku rasa kau patut masuk rancangan tu. aku yakin kau ada bakat semulajadi sebagai seorang yang funny.

First of all, great intro. First two paragraphs, hands down best I've ever seen dari kau. Tajuk kinda threw me off. Aku igt kau buat blog pasal certain someone.

IMHO, you should give the show a try. Kau funny dooo...Sefunny Jack Black buat lawak turkey sub.

Mende gini aaa biasanya comedian jadikan materials, snoop.

pie: takleh2. sebyk mana aku kondem diorang ni, aku still tak selawak diorang. tgk last paragraph. hehe...

snoop: aih menjadi2 lu. aritu ebony lover, ni mellow caller. the day i'm giving the show a try is the day 'they' quit calling me 'one of the good guys'. in other words, it ain't gonna happen...

U paid RM10 for Nana Tanjung??? That's just not right...

"eh, eh, macam mane ni... saye...s aye.. takutlah...". Tak funny langsung.

serih, aku ade update kat prebet.
gi tgk.

salah: mana la org tau hang dok ckp psl sapa. explicit sket...

maz: wa dah baca. inalillah.

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