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January 01, 2007

Somebody posted this on the HCEG forum so credits to FckStick Jones...

Guitar.com: So you were listed as one of the top 100 guitarists of all-time according to Rolling Stone. That's pretty awesome - how does that feel?

Derek Trucks: It's pretty funny, you know. Looking at Rolling Stone over the last few years, looks like of like Teen Beat or something, so you don't put too much weight into it. And looking at the list there were definitely some omissions and I don't think it was a definitely list. You don't have Albert King on there but you have Jack White?

Guitar.com: Yeah and he was in the top 15.

Derek Trucks: Yeah, it was pretty amazing. There was some funny stuff on there. I wrote a letter but I don't think they ever published it. I told them to take my name off of there and put Charlie Christen or Django Reinhardt, Albert King; turn that list upside down (laughs).


Derek Trucks owns. He is the Derek in the Dominos.

so humble yet so talented. did you catch him before you left for msia, or saw him in singapore yesterday?

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