March 25, 2007

...are pretty painful. And I was only using .10s. Wonder how SRV faired.

Howszat Johnny?

Choki-choki, adik gemari!
March 22, 2007

My nine year old sister has got a pretty good sense of humor.

She brought home a 5-pack Choki-choki from school and left it on the living room table. When I got home from work, after landing myself to the sofa and switching on Sportscenter, I stretched my legs onto the table and saw the Choki-choki; with four tubes left in it.

Long story short, as Collette Wong waved her goodbye on the telly, I found myself littered with three empty Choki-choki tubes all over my shirt; another one still hanging on my mouth.

Not any farther away from me was my sister, stomping her way at me before landing a southpaw on my neck and swerving a sidekick towards my left kidney. She then called me stupid and told me that I was adopted and that's why I'm dark and ugly. Oh and the gap between my front teeth makes me look dumb.

She then walked away, leaving me in a bewildered heap.

So yeah. For a nine year old I'd say her wit matches if not surpasses that of Liza Lampanelli's, at least.

You Are One Of Us Now, Son
March 18, 2007

I honestly felt like crying watching City scoring goals during the highlight show last night. Never knew I was that sad prior to the Boro game.

Again SP, please don't jack off the squad anymore. You are, sir, on the right track since the Che₤$ki game.

World's Greatest Football Club, In Gobshite
March 16, 2007

You see, I’m not asking much. Really.

When my alarm went off at 4am this morning, I found myself at the crossroad. Should I drag my half-awaken self to the sofa and watch 90 minutes of shit football from the club I love? Or should I just go back to sleep and get back to my sweet dream of winning Raja Lawak Astro?

I opted for the former.

To my surprise, an image of Mpenza and Vassell gleamed on my TV screen as I switched it on. Saying the least, I was astonished to see Pearce starting two of our only three decent strikers; Sturridge being the other one.

Corradi, Samaras and Dickov are all gobshite. Why on earth are we having six forwards in the squad anyway?

Anyway, we lost the game by a very well converted penalty I have to say. But despite the lost, I managed to go back to bed with a firm heartbeat and peaceful mind. Unlike last weekend, after losing to Blackburn, when I went to bed fuming with my heart pumping blood of angst through my veins, faster than John Terry could ever whine to the ref.

I have learned that, after years of being a football fan, while winning a game makes you feel like moonwalking for some 10 miles, seeing your players putting all their efforts for the whole 90 minutes gives equal satisfaction; no matter what the final result is.

It is when the manager starts tinkering with the team, subsequently making the players play like a bunch of individuals on a Tuesday afternoon footy match, that you feel like shit. And to tell you the truth, that’s how I feel 80% of the time this season.

Enough sappy ramblings. Going back to the Chelsea game, my MOTM goes to the whole defensive line for their superb display of solid defending; especially Dunne and Ball who limited Drogba and Robben’s mobility. Nevertheless, kudos to the whole team for playing their hearts out; very well deserved of the post match standing ovation from the fans.

So Stuart Pearce, come the Boro game, please get things straight and quit jacking off the team’s formation and tactics. Just play good straightforward football that would get us goals and win us games. I, for one, would accept nothing less than a win. We don’t have much time.

It was utterly heartbreaking already when you took the Under-21 job. Please don’t get us relegated. At this point, I just don’t really care about anything else already.

Why I'm a blue.
March 13, 2007

A 15 year old fan posted this on a City board.
I have only recently took an interest in football, the last year really and every second of it has been memorable!

I guess I only really support city because my dad does and I guess I also have him to thank for my years of misery to come but there's no other fan I'd rather be!

At the moment I don't really have anything to be happy about, but I am, why? I'm happy because yesterday I realised what I love so much about city and why I would never change clubs wheather it's a matter of life of death. From the moment I recieved my tickets from thee Richard Dunne and hearing my dad say he wanted city to win for me, so I got to see city go through, I knew that city is much more than just football.

When we went into the fernhurst I was buzzing to meet everyone! I was really looking forward to meeting everyone as everyone is lovely and so kind. That is what makes city, city. The fans! I had a great time meeting everyone and hearing everybody sing outside is what I love about this club. The fact that we care!

As the match kicked off, the sound of the ground was awesome!! I sang as loud as I could and so did everybody else! It was amazing and I'm happy to say, I was proud to be appart of it!

The end of the game was another story. Fans running on the pitch, fighting outside. Why? It's not going to solve anything, but what's done is done and I guess thats city for you. Alyways keep you questioning.

I felt sorry for Micah, when he pulled his shirt at us. But I don't feel soory for Pearce, Samaras and Corradi. I may only be 15 but I know when a player can't play. Pearce has bought a new striker to this club for a lift, goals and what does he do? Sit him on the bench and play them two!! How the heck does he expcet to win games?!

Anyway, I came away from that game knowing this was just the begining. Hoping on next year isnt good enough, it has to be this year, but I guess we're just not good enough yet.

I knew going into school today was going to be tough, but I went with my head held high. For I knew no united fan could ever have the same experience or feeling for their club than we do.

Friends asking me what happened, laughing at city, asking why I supported them? I just replyed, it's along story you wouldn't understand. But why support any other team? I couldn't stand the thought of supporting the rags that win left right and centre and not even care for the club. I'm glad I support city and love the fans! I'm CTID and I'll take anything that comes, because whatever happens will always be...typical city.
Top post.

March 12, 2007

Just sack Pearce already.

Oi taiko!
March 02, 2007

My cousin has got a rather effective way of winding down. He yells at people at every reasonable opportunity. What do I mean by reasonable then?

While waiting in his car one sunny Saturday afternoon behind a row of parked cars in front of some shop houses, he skimmed through a copy of Pendekar Laut that has been lying under his seat for a few months. It was indeed a pretty busy day around that area.

The scorching heat. Bikes slipping through cars queuing and honking each other to move over and quit waiting for a parking spot. You know. Not to mention the asshats taking hours to drop people.

Something suddenly caught his eyes. A car is moving out of its parking spot. So he had two options: (1) Remain where he was. His car wasn’t distracting the traffic in any way and he won’t be going out of the car. (2) Park in the other car’s spot. Either way, one option is as good as the other.

He opted to take the spot and switched on his signal light.

Immediately after the other car left the parking spot empty and as my cousin was about to turn his steering wheel, another car swiftly swerved right into the spot, refusing to care about anyone else around him.

It was a match made in heaven.

He could’ve just remained where he was and ignore the fact that someone took a parking spot that was rightfully his; though he didn’t really need it. And get back to reading Pendekar Laut, making it another fine day for both himself and the guy who took his parking spot. End of story.

But no.

Winding down the window, trying to put the fiercest face possible, he roared…

"Oi taiko! Apa ni amek gua punya parking spot? Lu tak nampak ka gua bagi signal tadi mau masuk? Orang sudah tunggu lama tau apa pasal lu buat ini macam ha?"

To which the other guy sheepishly squeaked…

"Aiya sorry la sorry la wa tak nampak tadi. Terus masuk..."

Apparently, my cousin still had a heart and all he wanted was just to vent out, scream at somebody and create a scene. Been a pretty frenzied week for him at work I suppose.

"Ah tak payah la. Lu buat macam ni bikin gua panas hati la. Orang lain pun mau parking jugak. Lain kali lu jangan la main masuk terus… tengok la kiri kanan dulu kalau ada orang lain ka!"

Winding up the window, he got back to Pendekar Laut with a broad smile.

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