March 25, 2007

...are pretty painful. And I was only using .10s. Wonder how SRV faired.

Howszat Johnny?


Vaseline tu snoop, selain mengusap Al Ramone boleh gak pakai nak mengusap calluses...try it bebeh.

jgn beb... memula ye la letak kat jari haha...

rabu dpn jamm..tak kira lu keje next day pun..wahaha sbb gua tak keje..ddr fazley pun kuar akademi kejap turun kl..hehe

kalau tangan lu mcm ni... gi 'buat laundry aaa kat tpt orang nyanyi'...

pengyu: date n time, wa jalan...

anon: jap aku tak paham...?



asrif mate, your fingers look bad.. try to play with 0.09s first... it took a while for me to elevate to 10s too...

the worst i came across was 0.13s! and i was practically tearing up my fingers trying to bend them... and SRV did play 0.13s.... what a guy... all the sacrifice for tone..

cheers, t

anon: rambling balderdash...

tok rimau (if it's really you): bawak bertenang

terence: hi terence. i dare not go beyond .11 to tell u the truth. albeit these weird things on my fingers, i still cant go below .10; a tad too thin for my liking. it's .10s for the strat & tele, .11s for the LP & SG. :)

yeah know what you mean on the thin tone thing.. it's 0.10 for me all the way on electrics. i play 0.12 or 0.13 for acoustics.. cheers, t

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