Choki-choki, adik gemari!
March 22, 2007

My nine year old sister has got a pretty good sense of humor.

She brought home a 5-pack Choki-choki from school and left it on the living room table. When I got home from work, after landing myself to the sofa and switching on Sportscenter, I stretched my legs onto the table and saw the Choki-choki; with four tubes left in it.

Long story short, as Collette Wong waved her goodbye on the telly, I found myself littered with three empty Choki-choki tubes all over my shirt; another one still hanging on my mouth.

Not any farther away from me was my sister, stomping her way at me before landing a southpaw on my neck and swerving a sidekick towards my left kidney. She then called me stupid and told me that I was adopted and that's why I'm dark and ugly. Oh and the gap between my front teeth makes me look dumb.

She then walked away, leaving me in a bewildered heap.

So yeah. For a nine year old I'd say her wit matches if not surpasses that of Liza Lampanelli's, at least.


syok dol choki-choki.

ada jr aku kat nu sorang blakon iklan dia. kat utube ada gi tgk...

she's damn right!

Haram lawak sial video nih.

Link kat nama aku.

tu la jr aku. reza nama dia...


hahahhaa... ko deserve it.. hahaha

bosan tol ada org stail nak wat2 cute lak..hahahhaha

ksyu: not really...

jeghi: mana ada do... slamber samakan aku ngan ko...

no wonder you're a shit-eh fan haha.

are you city in disguise?
are you city in disguise?!

spot on manloque...

manChester UNiTed... 400m in debt and counting.

babi serih... btw aku br balik jumper donna tobias check deg progress... if u still remember her

ah... donna tobias. ask her if she ever had any slower deg prog than mine.

asrif writing something cute is like Jack Black in The Holidays... so out of sync

tell me about it, mister...

damn the mister part got me spilling pepsi all over my keyboard.

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