Oi taiko!
March 02, 2007

My cousin has got a rather effective way of winding down. He yells at people at every reasonable opportunity. What do I mean by reasonable then?

While waiting in his car one sunny Saturday afternoon behind a row of parked cars in front of some shop houses, he skimmed through a copy of Pendekar Laut that has been lying under his seat for a few months. It was indeed a pretty busy day around that area.

The scorching heat. Bikes slipping through cars queuing and honking each other to move over and quit waiting for a parking spot. You know. Not to mention the asshats taking hours to drop people.

Something suddenly caught his eyes. A car is moving out of its parking spot. So he had two options: (1) Remain where he was. His car wasn’t distracting the traffic in any way and he won’t be going out of the car. (2) Park in the other car’s spot. Either way, one option is as good as the other.

He opted to take the spot and switched on his signal light.

Immediately after the other car left the parking spot empty and as my cousin was about to turn his steering wheel, another car swiftly swerved right into the spot, refusing to care about anyone else around him.

It was a match made in heaven.

He could’ve just remained where he was and ignore the fact that someone took a parking spot that was rightfully his; though he didn’t really need it. And get back to reading Pendekar Laut, making it another fine day for both himself and the guy who took his parking spot. End of story.

But no.

Winding down the window, trying to put the fiercest face possible, he roared…

"Oi taiko! Apa ni amek gua punya parking spot? Lu tak nampak ka gua bagi signal tadi mau masuk? Orang sudah tunggu lama tau apa pasal lu buat ini macam ha?"

To which the other guy sheepishly squeaked…

"Aiya sorry la sorry la wa tak nampak tadi. Terus masuk..."

Apparently, my cousin still had a heart and all he wanted was just to vent out, scream at somebody and create a scene. Been a pretty frenzied week for him at work I suppose.

"Ah tak payah la. Lu buat macam ni bikin gua panas hati la. Orang lain pun mau parking jugak. Lain kali lu jangan la main masuk terus… tengok la kiri kanan dulu kalau ada orang lain ka!"

Winding up the window, he got back to Pendekar Laut with a broad smile.


tell me about it bro... tell me about it... keep on rocking bro...!!

aku nak buat camtu kat area rumah aku ah... "oi taiko..."

oih hang jgn buat sebarangan... kena tgk gak sapa. kalau keluar badan penuh tatu, pakai singlet, telinga ada tindik letak paku karat, hang jgn buat...

tapi kalau keluar sengih2 mcm yazid, by all means...

ali, tell u about it? did u know, marsupials only sleep for 2 minutes in every 24 hrs?

taiko kelas D???? guano serih??..hahhaahha.

betul do... mmg taiko kelas d pun yg kena maki tu wahahaha...

tapi dia maintain je bahu haha...

Kalau aku beb, aku selamba je intro jerit "Oi TaiKo Tekecut, selamba bla bla bla..."

between the lines, nana...

cukup cukup ah wei reka cerita..

snoop, jgn taiko terkemut dah beb. member baru lepas kena lawak gatorade, kena maki lak.

judd jr, speak for urself...

hahaha, i've got a cousin like that do. selamba sound org buat muka tak kisah.

weh, apa cite chris cornell blah from audioslave nih. berkabung weh..berkabung..

supergroup mcm audioslave... rarely work out well imo. v revolver pun mcm dah sunyi sepi je lately.

most supergroups are born, not formed. they evolve. cream, led zep, deep purple, muddy confluence lol...

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