Why I'm a blue.
March 13, 2007

A 15 year old fan posted this on a City board.
I have only recently took an interest in football, the last year really and every second of it has been memorable!

I guess I only really support city because my dad does and I guess I also have him to thank for my years of misery to come but there's no other fan I'd rather be!

At the moment I don't really have anything to be happy about, but I am, why? I'm happy because yesterday I realised what I love so much about city and why I would never change clubs wheather it's a matter of life of death. From the moment I recieved my tickets from thee Richard Dunne and hearing my dad say he wanted city to win for me, so I got to see city go through, I knew that city is much more than just football.

When we went into the fernhurst I was buzzing to meet everyone! I was really looking forward to meeting everyone as everyone is lovely and so kind. That is what makes city, city. The fans! I had a great time meeting everyone and hearing everybody sing outside is what I love about this club. The fact that we care!

As the match kicked off, the sound of the ground was awesome!! I sang as loud as I could and so did everybody else! It was amazing and I'm happy to say, I was proud to be appart of it!

The end of the game was another story. Fans running on the pitch, fighting outside. Why? It's not going to solve anything, but what's done is done and I guess thats city for you. Alyways keep you questioning.

I felt sorry for Micah, when he pulled his shirt at us. But I don't feel soory for Pearce, Samaras and Corradi. I may only be 15 but I know when a player can't play. Pearce has bought a new striker to this club for a lift, goals and what does he do? Sit him on the bench and play them two!! How the heck does he expcet to win games?!

Anyway, I came away from that game knowing this was just the begining. Hoping on next year isnt good enough, it has to be this year, but I guess we're just not good enough yet.

I knew going into school today was going to be tough, but I went with my head held high. For I knew no united fan could ever have the same experience or feeling for their club than we do.

Friends asking me what happened, laughing at city, asking why I supported them? I just replyed, it's along story you wouldn't understand. But why support any other team? I couldn't stand the thought of supporting the rags that win left right and centre and not even care for the club. I'm glad I support city and love the fans! I'm CTID and I'll take anything that comes, because whatever happens will always be...typical city.
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true, there are a lot of united, poop, chelski and arse fans who support their club just for the sake of it and not even care for the club. they are just fuckin glory hunters and bandwagon jumpers who only revel in a win. if they were to be asked to list down just 50 players that have donned the jersey, they probably can't. even more so the club's chants and the fabled history.

but those who don't support any club at all and have this utter disgust solely at united are worse than scumbags.

"whichever works, as long as united is losing"

funnily, aku tak pernah jumpa org yg macam ko ckp tu...

but when u say glory hunter, aku teringat sorang member kita ni...

ala takkan lu tak ingat? wc06 final, umah zaid/alpo. ckp support france, alih2 gi sorak for italy wahahaha... tu tak kira jersi france berbulan terdampar depan umah, elok petang after france masuk final member pakai terus tu beb tak basuh dulu...

dr dr... no wonder ah af tak amek lu ajar dah tahun ni lol...

hahaha byk gak ah yg tak support mane2 club, but just hate a certain club to death. girls mcm dimaafkan kut, but men should've at least wear one badge proudly.

hheheh, the latter part no komen ah.

weh tak gi konsert? aku dgr byk chix hot dlm AF, but marsha mmg tetap pilihan hati beb. aku tgk member baik ko Dr Love ade lg haha.

weh join group Rock Kapak Sampai Mati! dlm Facebook. Aku buat atas arahan Salah, ramai2kan jemaah, rapat2kan saf.


glory hunter aku tak pernah jumpa snoop. tapi milf hunter ada aa seko member aku ni.

haha, dr camne pun dari pc gak bebeh... itu lu takleh lupa

manloq: atas arahan salah? cantek2...

awanna: macho gila lu beb ada member milf hunter.

tajuk ko ni why i'm a blue ke why i like blue films?hahahha..nate apo aa serih..kem salam kat dak2 futsal..

wahaha Is cakap kat tmpt keje die semue MILF kaw punye.

78th floor KLCC tak begitukah?

angkat doh kolar jgn tak angkat hehe.

jeghi: aku pun tak sure. pasal dua2 suka suka skang ni... weekend ni do futsal. ala kalo ko ada pun macam ko join je. macam2 ah alasan bagi tanak main... nak tgk af kat umah. sial je...

manloq: aku cita pasal bola boleh jadi cita milf pulak. 78 wa tak tau... aku 76 haha...

klcc wa tak larat nak cerita panjang la. lu dtg tgk sendiri...

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