World's Greatest Football Club, In Gobshite
March 16, 2007

You see, I’m not asking much. Really.

When my alarm went off at 4am this morning, I found myself at the crossroad. Should I drag my half-awaken self to the sofa and watch 90 minutes of shit football from the club I love? Or should I just go back to sleep and get back to my sweet dream of winning Raja Lawak Astro?

I opted for the former.

To my surprise, an image of Mpenza and Vassell gleamed on my TV screen as I switched it on. Saying the least, I was astonished to see Pearce starting two of our only three decent strikers; Sturridge being the other one.

Corradi, Samaras and Dickov are all gobshite. Why on earth are we having six forwards in the squad anyway?

Anyway, we lost the game by a very well converted penalty I have to say. But despite the lost, I managed to go back to bed with a firm heartbeat and peaceful mind. Unlike last weekend, after losing to Blackburn, when I went to bed fuming with my heart pumping blood of angst through my veins, faster than John Terry could ever whine to the ref.

I have learned that, after years of being a football fan, while winning a game makes you feel like moonwalking for some 10 miles, seeing your players putting all their efforts for the whole 90 minutes gives equal satisfaction; no matter what the final result is.

It is when the manager starts tinkering with the team, subsequently making the players play like a bunch of individuals on a Tuesday afternoon footy match, that you feel like shit. And to tell you the truth, that’s how I feel 80% of the time this season.

Enough sappy ramblings. Going back to the Chelsea game, my MOTM goes to the whole defensive line for their superb display of solid defending; especially Dunne and Ball who limited Drogba and Robben’s mobility. Nevertheless, kudos to the whole team for playing their hearts out; very well deserved of the post match standing ovation from the fans.

So Stuart Pearce, come the Boro game, please get things straight and quit jacking off the team’s formation and tactics. Just play good straightforward football that would get us goals and win us games. I, for one, would accept nothing less than a win. We don’t have much time.

It was utterly heartbreaking already when you took the Under-21 job. Please don’t get us relegated. At this point, I just don’t really care about anything else already.


though i'm a united die-hard, i'd rather see city staying than get relegated. i mean, winning the manchester derbies is only the true single great feeling a manc can get =).

no really, cheers for another city top flight action next season.

we've got one more derby man. 2nd last of the season iirc.

and i will never ever forgive pearce should the game determines our position next season and he lets utd shove us down to the coke league.

just like dennis law, the other way around of course, some decades ago lol.

*crosses fingers for no karma*

asrif,write on a different sport.sayyy hrmm women gymnastics;)

biting fairy rrr... amcam charity walk tadi? lupa nak suruh jemput aku kalau lu org breakfast mamak mana2...

aku x baca entry aku anti man utd aa..hahahha..panas2...

dickov is a jerkoff

jeghi: dah panas gi ah pasang kipas...

badol: speak for urself

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