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April 24, 2007

Have you ever been slapped hard in the face in the midst of a very deep sleep?

Well I have. Once. For switching my war-torn cell phone with my sister's new one while she was asleep the night before. At the break of dawn, I was awoken by a massive 180 angle slap right on my face. As I was trying hard to open my eyelids, enduring the pain, I could see a glimpse of my sister stomping her way out; with her cell phone back in her hands.

If you have a similar experience, I bet you’d how brutally painful it is. It's excruciating enough to be slapped in the face. But to be whacked amidst a deep slumber is a whole new level of pain. The abruptness of such a shocking experience would usually leave one stumped and utterly baffled. More often than not, the sufferer of such horror could do no more than scream... in silence.

Rather unfortunately, I’m constantly reminded of the ghastly experience.

It all started not that long ago, in college and the scale was much smaller. I would open up my MSN or Yahoo Messenger and there will be a plethora of these all over the screen...

"to all bebudak MKNHJK989830, g luck nk xm ptg nnt... CAIYOK!!!!!!!!!!!!11"

"FINAL PRESENTATION IN 2 HRS... cAiYoKKKkkkkkkkkKKK ~~~(^o^)~~~~"

OK. Deep sleep slap on the face reminder numero uno.

Forward a few months later and I was at the departure hall in KLIA. It was the usual goodbye hugs and kisses around me but as I walk towards the immigration booth after going down the escalator, I saw blood dripping on my shirt. Holy moly blood was flowing out of my nose... for no reason! Or so I thought.

As I looked up at the departure hall, this girl was waving to her friend with the other hand doing a 'peace' sign of some sort. Words can't describe the terror so I made this illustration to relive it.

Deep sleep slap on the face reminder numero dos.

I'll spare you the torment for now. Just check out this Google search result and you'll get the extent of this massacre.

To me, the darn term is the placebo of medicines, the John Doe of names, the watchamacallit of questions. I don't dare know its real meaning and how it came about terrorizing our society.

So nowadays, before I go out, I'd fill my earlobes with soil and bring an extra bag of it, no matter where I go.

You can never be too prepared! (^o^)



m( )m

caiyok!! D'fazley nye commercial punch line

serih stail nak wat2 cute.guano tu?

anon: yeah, u do that.

ksyu: tu tanda amende tu? i love u?

pengyu: wahahahaha... esok dia turun sini interview. sabtu gerak melaka ah kut jumpa mark ruffin.

azri: ko mmg saja cari gaduh aa... aku mmg lama dah panas ni. nak gi pasang aircond jap.

sampai melaka promo product cosmetic ke? Bagus lah dia punya strategy, bawak artist sekali (read: Pierre Andre)

"aku confuse aaa ... xtau nak buat ape confuse abis" kate (^oo^) sambil mengusap perutnye yg boroi.

B===D m(^O^)b

Nah Caiyok kau!

wahahaha... aku tak tau nak gelak kat sapa.

caiyok - perkataan yang selalu aku jumpa kat blog2 org2 msia. apa maksud dia aku pun tak tau.

mungkin bila sebut caiyok tu, akan membuatkan org yg cakap tu terasa sedikit cute sambil buat isyarat peace.

tapi kalau kau buat, aku tak tau la nak kata apa. cute? mungkin tak apply kat kau kot.

caiyok? wtf is that nali? I bet you know what caiyok is, nali. guys try to picture this - nali on his bike do the peace sign and then he says CAIYOK!!!. Bekeng2..!

Alee: Aku cuba bayangkan nali atas bike dia but unfortunately snoop, apa yg aku nampak was one spikey haired emo dude wearing his lab goggle writing a poem 2 o'clock in the morning titled 'rambling balderdash'.

Serih : Tgk serih, kang aku cakap ini hasil PC kang, kau kata aku prejudis. Tapi celeb kau sorang ni tak abih2 suap modal.

wahahahaha aduh... again, aku tak tau nak gelak kat mana satu.


mengeluh ah tuh.. hahah.. tah pape

nice one cloudde!! hahaha..

Gunalah Produk D'Fazley Tanpa Was-Was.

ek ela pengyu carik geng ngan cloudde pulak.. awan unpredictable tol.. paranoid tak pasal2...

awan? unpredictable? paranoid?

mcm sial ali guna 3 modal at one go. tabik2.

dia guna 3 snoop pasal 3 tu jek laaa yg dia ada. haha. serious ke alee nak start memain gini? aku dah lama tak check folder2 aku nak kuarkan modal2 lama. masih ada lagi snoop modal2 photoshop, modal screenshot..modal puisi pun ada lagi...kalau sudi, bring it on,breh.

andre...jangan gini doo. takut2 amik side sampai tumpang2 modal pun segan2. 8+++++++++D Nah Caiyok kau!

hey guys, take care~~~


OMG you're funny.

erkk you shouldn't say that syu..

erkk you shouldn't say that syu..

x tahan sehh serih wat ala2 cute lg..hahahaha.letak gambar futsal nanti weh..kem salam sume

aku nak letak gambar tapi masa aku buat 'kaka' tadi takde sapa sempat amik gambar la. cepat sgt. aduh, lain kali2... takpun tgk je milan lwn utd lusa orait... lebih kurang gitu je aku main tadi.

'Kaka'??? Ko main cam cibai ade aaaa .. K Sambagamaran lagi power. Setakat assist Xacko score skali tuh xyah nak berlagak aaa brader

Yg lagi penting, ko kene rembat ngan aku semlm kwakwakwa .. syok sial bergetar perut ko kene teh tarik dgn susu F&N

badol... aku baca 2 3 kali actually komen ko kat atas ni.

teh tarik? susu f&n?

u might wanna review what u said buddy. else, they'll come swarming over u.

and i'm super serial.


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K Sambagamaran tu nick name baru badol ke? Sesuai benar tu.

Badol ?= Sanbagamaran

Tak cukup 'Kaw' lg aku rase tu...


caiyok tu like "berusahalah!" "gambate!". it's korean i think. key msians have been watching korean dramas. narat tok tau. budinglaa... (now, that's the word u wouldnt understand. only ketanians do).

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if im not mistaken lah
caiyok berasal dr pkataan mandarin
jia you!
yg bmaksud
you have me!

chinese salu use this phrase sbg kata2 smgt/ cheer !

correct me if i'm wrong ;p

if im not mistaken lah
caiyok berasal dr pkataan mandarin
jia you!
yg bmaksud
you have me!

chinese salu use this phrase sbg kata2 smgt/ cheer !

correct me if i'm wrong ;p

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