Daydream Believer
April 03, 2007

I daydream all the time; in the LRT, queuing for a Big Mac, reading Judd’s blog, listening to Syah’s stories on his breakthroughs at work and in life which are often just limited achievements that impress his only self and hold no relevance to me nor do they deem any sort of remarkable values worthy of being told to others with the hope of climbing up the social hierarchy, watching the news, in the elevator etc.

In other words, I tend to daydream whenever I’m involved in activities requiring little to no attention.

What worries me the most though, is that, the things that I daydream about have such minute chance of becoming reality that Will Ferrell has got a better chance at being funny. Nevertheless, the daydreams portray the things that I really want to achieve in life.

As much as I want to score the winning goal for my country to clinch the World Cup, receive two Oscars for a movie I wrote and act in, sweep 10 Grammys through a debut album, be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize after providing shelter to war torn villagers, obtain a Pulitzer for my column in the New Yorker AND have my name in the Guinness for the most number of noted achievements ever (5), by anyone, in the shortest period of time…

As much as I want all of the above, reality takes me back to the future that I envision having. And it is indeed, a very well taken 5-yard run punt kick right onto the crotch.

Nevermind an Oscar, I don’t even see myself getting any of those stupid fake certificates that Reader’s Digest send to their subscribers to make them feel special. Not even that piece of crap.

Such an odd mixture of hope and rationalism engenders frustration. And it’s from that frustration comes this dumb piece of bad writing.

PS – The achievements listed above are just an embodiment of the surreal extent that my daydreams reached. I never really wanted to win two Oscars in one year. One would suffice.


Ada harapan lagi nak dapat Oscar snoop. Bukan kau berlakon ke dalam filem Romantico? Watak utama plak tu. Have faith, son.

aku rase kalau alee masuk AF season ni bole mng doh

artis pintar


awanna: apa ni beb, aku dah bagi post note pun ko leh fire aku lagi. ko lagi ah boleh menang oscar beb, scarface jr...

manloq: kalau in football ada player/manager kan? kalau alee masuk af jadi tenaga pengajar/pelajar. gempak2.

uish jack, tu mmg idea baekk punye. time tgh lepak tiap² ari dok jamming ngan sham kan then duet ngan Dr. nyahaha

kick = 1 pt.
2 pt conversion can NOT be kick.

ignorant malay.

thanks o' enlightened sabahan...

what me worry?

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