Stupid Is As Stupid Does
April 15, 2007

I’ve had my fair share of stupid things done over the years.

In 2001, I dislocated my shoulder after trying to pull off a Roberto Carlos scorpion kick I saw in a Nike ad. Did it in my dorm hall.

A year later, I missed my Chicago – Newark flight, consequently missing my Newark – KL flight after I was held at O’Hare for having excess hand-carry items. It was an extra bag which had in it, two boxes of Barbie dolls I bought for my sisters. Very sweet to some. Utterly disturbing to most, including the huge crowd queuing their way into the terminal gates.

In 2003 I believe, I somehow allowed Judd to have a soft copy of my IU Bloomington class portrait which had me smiling like a pervert. It has now made its way through the Internet, on our friends’ Friendster profiles.

In 2004, I loudly answered, while stretching my arms, "Well I’m a bit tired. Lotsa school work to be done." to a counter lady who asked me "How are you paying?". The ten or so people who heard my dumb answer had to hold their laughter until I went out of the store. She usually asks me how I was doing. Not on that fine day apparently.

2005 would’ve been a great year if it hadn’t been for Charlie, a dog owned by the owner of this guitar store I went to regularly. Not willing to put my masculinity at stake in a roomful of charming ladies, I called up the owner to pick up a cable for me from the cable rack; which had Charlie sleeping beside it. After telling him that I’m allergic to animal fur, as a mean of hiding my aversion of dogs, he spoke out louder than my answer to the counter lady, "Yeah right, you’ve been avoiding him ever since… come ‘ere Charlie boy!". I had to seek refuge from a nearby wall of guitars.

In 2006, I ‘thought’ that I’d booked a round trip flight from Chicago to Detroit. It wasn’t until the night before I leave for Chicago that I realized that by ‘return’ flight was also from Chicago to Detroit. My friend Bulan had his birthday come early that year.

And those are just the things I have on top of my head.

But stick the above list in huge fonts on my chest and have me deliver a speech to the whole world. I’ll still look like Einstein when I’m standing next to this guy.


Smart move to put the whole barbie deal first on your list. I am definitely out of ideas...(Pierre thing is a little bit too soon for my taste)

Hopefully starting May, I'll be taking percussion lessons with Arturo Rodriguez. Tengok aaa camne rezeki snoop.

InsyaAllah grad bulan enam ni. Mana janji Chandler nak datang...kalau jadi snoop, bawak sekali 'teh hot mama'.

in 2004... the counter lady quit and I haven't quit laughing about that.

ohh and the dog story, u missed out the one that we all jumped into the car in front of Gamal's. And out came a gay with a small poodle.

cloudde: woi seriously amek kelas tu weh. nnt balik msia ada rezeki bleh join jamming. percussionist... peh... rare breed...

rays: damn aku lupa cita anjing bodoh tu. nasib baik nizar ada, dia takyah samak haha...

He he...funny lad

haha thats funny XD

gambar ko pakai helmet x berbaju tuh x embarassing ke? boley aku tayang kat blog aku nanti ....

serih membuatkan aku tak kering gusi

disko: who funny? the guy who injected shit into his face to look beautiful?

anon: how's ur d'fazley line doing bro?

badol: yg aku list tu mana2 yg aku teringat je. doubtlessly, ada berjuta2 lagi yg aku tak list. tapi takde satu pun yg bleh lawan mesej 'timun' yg ko sampaikan dulu wahahaha...

pie: cuba ko jgn minum air sehari dua, kering la gusi ko.

yeah that's pretty dumb, to give me your class potrait.

if anyone wants the pic, don't hesitate to e-mail me.

snoop, ... aku mati-mati igt website porno melayu

quite dissapointed actually.

keep on rocking bro!

judd: tell me about it...

cloudde: dahtu ko igt aku mati2 igt website sapa? haha

anon: d'fazley for life!


i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you i tell you.


i wanted u to tell me about 'it', the word. it's origin, usage etc...

wtf was 'i tell u' repeatedly could ever do?

u're so funny. funnier than ikram on a bad day.

gempak sial budak northwestern, born in US

gempak..gempak. nama pun Pierre..

serih nama Pierre ke? tapi muka cam Ebbie Yus

hahahhaa..aku ingat lagi citer anjing ngan keter Gafan...

Ko tu, besar cam gajah tapi nombor satu lompat masuk keter..

Alip lagi ah...super man terus..hahaahah

Good times man..good times

oi dennis. h

aha lawak2... but either way i knew the dog was actually running ur way.

1. tuan dia yg queer tu suruh gi lari kat ko... to start a conversation... asian boy for a change.

2. the dog knows who can and cant touch it


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