April 09, 2007

Somehow, I was in front of the TV watching Nona with Salah yesterday.

How two very straight guys ended up watching Nona on a Sunday afternoon was beyond me.

Our jaws dropped though, upon watching a segment on the auditions for the show's next host. Aptly named Pesona Nona, we were indeed mesmerized by the contestants.

Let's just say I was brought back to a certain Disneyworld Carnival about a year ago when Jasmine, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White were happily prancing in a circle around me, with Mary Poppins singing my name to the tune of A Spoonful of Sugar.

Certainly something I wish to enjoy while sipping my morning coffee everyday at work.

Moving on, there was then a feature on the contestants' ability to talk about current issues in front of the camera.

Most of them were decent to say the least but there was this certain young lady who got me spewing Pepsi out of my nose all over the sofa, when I wasn't even drinking any.

I couldn't really recall the actual topic of her discussion but it had something to do with safe sex, STD and the likes. I thought things went well for her at first, elaborating on the negative impacts of not practicing safe sex etc. She got her points delivered pretty well.

It was close to her ending statement when she mentioned that 'wild sex' is an uncouth practice.

I really, really hope she meant seks rambang and nothing else.


Two straight guys watching Nona on a lazy afternoon...been there, son.

a proposal for you, wear a sombrero hat (u already have one) and go teach Abe Nali some spanish.

cloudde: ngan ihsan ke beb?

anon: a proposal for u... nnt dtg la opis amek. ada dlm two bound files worth of papers.

macam2 la kau serih.

happy besday dude

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