Basic Instinct III
May 30, 2007

Hey there. Another swamped Monday at the office I see? Well I suppose our lives aren’t that much different then. We’re both here standing in this packed train heading home and it’s already 10pm.

I bet you’re all caught up with datelines and had to stay back at the office. Yeah, I had to stay back too my dear. I have no Internet at home and it’s hard to play Warcraft before my boss heads home.


I’m all worn out from work. My hair looks no better than a robin’s nest, my sleeves all rolled up to the elbow and I loosened my tie, trying hard to look like those guys up on the billboards.

But look at you, I doubt you looked any less stunning than you were this morning. Apart from your tedious façade, your blouse is golden and your knee length skirt, reaching your long dazzling legs, could light even the dreariest of eyes into a Sunday morning sunshine over the meadows.

You do know how men tend to get attracted to even the smallest things in you women, don't you? You might say to your girl friends "Oh, I look so very dreadful every time I get off work. Eye bags, messy hair... all the time..."

You couldn’t be more wrong, let me tell you that. Looking at the way you stare at the ground as the train rocks it way on the track, waving your hair over your eyes every now and then, I believe no man in this train wouldn’t want to have you all wrapped up in his arms.

Ah jolly good, it’s the second last stop and you’re not going out. We’re both heading to the terminal then and it’ll be a 10 minute ride until we’re there. Maybe someday we wouldn’t have to take this bloody crammed train anymore. Maybe someday I will hold you hand in hand prancing our way to our BMW at the car park as we head to our home, from work; as my loser friends look at me scowling in utter jealousy no less.

And won’t you just look at that, we’re the only ones standing up and within our sights are the only two seats available. Shall we?

At very long last, I could finally lean on my back whilst watching you walking gracefully towards the opposite seat. Perhaps one day there’ll be a table in between our seats with the finest Italian cuisines on our plates; dimly lighted by the tall candle in the middle. Oh oh and possibly beside the table is a virtuoso doing a rendition of our song, Lloyd Webber’s Memory, on his violin.

You’re now seated. And again, your hair brushes through your shoulders as you place your handbag by your side and try to get comfortable. But your last move was the one that really got me awe-struck. You place your gentle hands on your lap as you cross your legs and look straight into my eyes. And I thought Michael Douglas was the luckiest SOB on the planet when Sharon Stone did the same thing to him.

But being the shy fellow that I am albeit my wild imagination, I try not to look back straight at you and rolled my eyes down until they stop, together with everything else in time. Drops of sweat start to flow down my temple and my heartbeat skips a few beats as I grasp my laptop bag to calm myself down.

Deeply hidden amidst the darkness of your skirt, clearly visible to the current lighting, are a set of spherical objects popping out of your under garment. And images of nutcrackers, rambutans, table tennis, Long John Silver’s, RuPaul, Willie Nelson and the Village People flashes through my eyes.

So much for my Sharon Stone moment.

Inspired by: Four Short Crushes


seriously man... The Star lifestyle section.

just thought i might leave a note to say hi (kalo u ingat i la). i like your blog. it's interesting :)

wei.. ko selalu main winning eleven kan.. macam mana nak main one two passing... hahahhahaha

dude u should've been at the Midwest Games this year for that sole reason.
aaahh, infatuation and overkill.

rays: yeah, tell that to azman.

sians: mana la i nak lupa. another year to go ya... hang on!

keano: nnt mlm ni aku tunjuk. haha...

manloq: heard it all from the uncle. as much as i am jealous of u lot, i am truthfully happy for u guys. but do pls tell me that u guys didnt end up with the same faces post MWG night... like we did the past 4 MWGs. damnit. all good nonetheless, all good...

dude.. nice rig man...
saw your comments on rattlingstrings.. tu colleague aku..
anyways you've got a cool rig.. any chance you wanna sell off blondie blues junior? :)

mate what do you mean 'we'? haha...anyways, if i were to rate, this year's a bit disappointing compared to the last one. you still have hartamas

hi asrif.

abg kau ke yg spam tu snoopy?

adrie: thanks brotha. the blondie has always been there for me so i gotta say now buddy. unless u wanna do a swap with a twin reverb or the likes :)

manloq: ye la, 'we' tak masuk lu... mmg lagi hartamas ke mwg this year? haha... takpe la, janji atas stage layan.

hanna: hallo hannaboo... (is that legal? calling u that way?)

evil genius: aku mana ada abg beb. adik ada ahhhhhhhhhh... ramone nama dia.

legal? as in, will somebody arrest you for it? probably not. i suppose there are worse things to be called....

can't help it man:

Baru KUUU sedariii
Cinta KUUUU bertepuk sebelah tangannn
Kau buat remuk seluruh hati KUUUU

Hi asrif, thanks so much for linking us. Really really appreciate it :)

hannaboo: bukan get arrested. takut that name certain ppl je boleh panggil. :)

anonymous liff (?): so guess who dropped by dkatano tailor today?

intan: anyday!

ape cerita intan studio? tak idup pun site dia. cardio and yoga? minah kebaya petronas punye side-biznez ker? lu jangan. wa sign-up for life nanti.


sidetrack: wakil rakyat humble yg Azman kagumi

pakAndak: lu mmg subtle.

anon (alip?nizar?rays?): it's a week from graduation, give the man a break... or two.

apa kau tulis ni serih? sepatah haram aku tak paham. menyesal aku tak belajar bahasa ingeeris dulu...

meme biso. lol.

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