Smoke Gets Into My Eyes
May 17, 2007

I was walking along Petaling Street one day and as I was crossing a chestnut stall, an old Chinese man, resembling The Lame of Shaolin Soccer, stopped me.

"Young man..."


"How old are you?"


"What’s your proudest moment in life? You ever had any?"

I was stumped. All I could think of was the bronze medal I won for a running with a ping pong ball on a spoon in your mouth with both hands tied behind your back simply to make you look dumber when running race.

"Er... no sir... I couldn’t think of any... unfortunately."

"It’s been a very sorry twenty four years for you then. But no worries my son, that very moment shall arrive this very year. The horizons will be within your reach. The sun will shine brighter. And the moon will beam its light through the night; just for you. It will be this year that you’ll find the answer to my question."

He then left me alone amidst the haze of the chestnut stall... as he approached the nearby DVD stall for some good Asian porn.

Today, I found the answer to his question. I now know, the proudest moment of my life.

Some win the World Cup. Some conquer Everest. And some Mat Rempits, jump over some heights onto the North Pole for no reason.

I, had my story published on a super cool website.

So, what’s your proudest moment in life?



serih aku bangga dengan kau! kau la member dunia akhirat aku.

poyo taik kucing!...cite tu aku first time baca, aku dah agak dah, is either ahmad jais yang datang or orang name
anyway,nice work.

at least mamat ni dapat fasha sandha..hehehe

That's your proudest? Come on, didn't you say that your proudest moment was when we walked out of Ricks feeling like new men, waiting for our ride back home in front of Starbucks? Don't tell me you've forgotten all about it, ese.

congratulations la pierre!!


abd: haha what's that little shiny award in your showcase?

pie: sama la kita.

maz: ahmad jais? mana boleh sial. takkan ahmad jais gi umah orang cari diri dia sendiri. buduh lu ni...

pengyu: aih abe bekeng ni makin lama makin mencabar aku. gua tahan je ni beb... tau la lu cool je cek mek lu lap cermin motor lu... wahahaha...

cloudde: that's non self-deprecating vault material brother... vault it my friend. vault it... and while you're at it, vault the lotion story allright.

manloque: aku sumpah man u kalah esok.

bapak sampah sarap nye cite .. tfiq76sk8 boley bagi lawak lagi power dr tuh

ehh mnate aku xtau plak ko dah jadik pierre andre wannabe .. perut ko dah kempis lom?

wtf badol... u certainly can do better man.

uish, badol ke tu? aku igt sanjaya american idol

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