May 24, 2007

I’m often told by my friends that I have a horrible sense of humor. And quite a number of them would advise me to kill myself after listening to my jokes.

As much I would want to disagree with them, it only took two girls to reassure me that I’m in no position at all to back my sorry self.

A schoolmate of mine wrote about how easy it is to amuse her and posted this at the end of her entry...
"oh well.. ive had ppl say that i am easily amused. maybe i am.. hahahahha. i even find serih's jokes to be funny, so i guess it must be true! Hahahahha"
Another schoolmate prolonged my misery by double-teaming against me with the following comment...
"your not the only one ok. i pun rasa lawak serih kelaka.. and i always ask myself.. why ??"
That hurts, really bad.

Anyway Azman, you've just got yourself a new friend aboard your SS Eternal Bachelor. You're still the lone passenger of SS Eternal Virgin though.


i think u're funny too..

gilo ko apo asrif lawak.. you need help mawar..

Yes, Asrif is a funny guy. He is, really. Like any other prominent comedians, it's not so much of his jokes compared to his timing and delivery.

His contents are just mediocre-ish but the way he presents it that makes him stands out the crowd. He is a true genius. His typical rap, telling the jokes with a crooked mexican smile, mooning his eyes as if they were about to pop off, and slightly bend his body, alluring people to laugh altogether; that just doesn't get old. Not including the jokes that he tells with deep lowered voice as if he's having a hard time to suppress his laughter; making you believe that whatever you're about to hear would be the funniest joke in the world.

This guy could take a simple sentence like "Hey guy, I think I am a homo" and could have the whole crowd laughing.

When it comes to telling jokes, this guy is like Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel. A true masterpiece. He is just simply the best.

...for me to poop on!

ps- See what I did?

take heart from the fact that you're better than all of raja lawak astro contestants. heck even if nali were to try it out, he'd be a worthy winner.

serih makes local comedians like Saiful Apek, Harun Salim Bachik, Afdlin Shauki, AC Mizal, Osman Kering, Aznil Nawawi, Hamid Gurkha, Os, Accapan, A.R. Badul, Aziz Sattar & Rashid Sidek (in Cinta 100 Ela particularly) and even the champion of Raja Lawak Astro blush with his so-called "genius jokes". and then everyone feel like wanna beat the hell out of him.

"...for me to poop on!

ps- See what I did?"

that's so 'unpredictable' Mr. cloudde.

aduh alee... backing up a brotha...

u the man... wahahaha...

your sense of humor is like honda honkuda acura a kura kura pic on your friendster comment. I couldnt stop laughing at that one man.

wei asrif...nie fad, aku sajer browsing nie...terbaca artikel kau....dan aku nak bagitau, kau memang seorang yg kelakar...sejak sekolah.... aku gembira tatkala mendengar joke2 kau...walaupun busuk (sometimes,heheh) tapi bak member kau kata, cara kau cakap tuh yg important...slamba, cam mawi...ur amazing mate' totally above raja lawak, hands down...

jap2 ni fad mana ni? ramai budak skolah aku nama depan ada fad.

and aku confused, slamba cam mawi tu compliment ke other way around?


thanks anyway... if that's what i should be saying.

fad maner lagi, fadel member baik kau yg penah teman kau jalan kaki balik dari sekolah dan aku pun balik keumah aku diseberang jalan seorang diri....thats what ya call 'friend' bro....hahhahah

woi fadel. masa bila lak org panggil ko fad ni? jambu sial... wahahaha...

dah umah aku lagi dekat ngan skolah, nak buat cemana.

but i gotta give it to u man. ko lah sahabat yg byk membantu aku cope with puberty with ur limitless source of 'visual aid'.

good ol times brotha... good ol times... ngahaha.

serih, aku rasa kau memang seorang yang kelakar. aku tak nampak sebab apasal kau kena rasa kau tak pandai buat lawak. mungkin kawan2 kau cemburu dgn kekelakaran kau lantas diorang cuba menidakkan kekelakaran kau dengan mengatakan kau tak kelakar supaya kau tak buat lawak lagi lantas akan membuatkan lawak2 diorang nampak cam lawak. mana la tau... cerita jais kau tu dah kelakar gile, apatah lagi kau. raja lawak astro pun tak funny cam kau.

kau mmg the man la serih kalau bab2 lawak nih.

betul dooo....kau kelakar gila babi. babi gila pun tak kelakar cam kau.

pie, thanks for the kind words brotha. u the man... ali lagi the man ah tapi haha...

cheap gile aa serih...pastu kata orang..xtau cakap camna aa tu..

but i said ure funny! isnt that a compliment?

No, seriously. Asrif mmg funny. I have tons of screenshots and stories dari Asrif yg boleh prove it. Asrif, just let me know where and when I can post them and I'll be sure to let the whole wide world know about them.

Alee : snoop, aku bukan nak ckp apa but it's coming,'s coming


i rasa u mmg funny..manusia..biasa la..hati lain2..mebe dia prefer raja lawak jokes than asrif kindda jokes..miehehe..

nway..i baru je baca ur 2nd case study..nak comment pun dah too late..ehehe..

nway asrif..keep em coming...

-anonymous yg bkn sarimah-

monkey! haha, i know. saja je buat kecoh.

I think you're funnier on paper.. when you write- but then again dont write on paper but the net.. so, funnier on the net?

seriously.. didn't know you're this funny. sek2 tu dekki jah tue..

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