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July 17, 2007

Judy tagged me. You’re supposed to complete at least 17 of the following 27 sentences, for some reason.

1. A person is only as good as Goodwill Hunting.
2. Friendship is always about making fun of each other.
3. To love is _____.
4. Money makes me love you long time, sucky sucky five dorra!
5. I miss waking up for an early morning class, taking a shower, dress up and going back to bed.
7. I try to spread love and happiness by planting my seed of love everywhere.
8. Pick the flowers when it's meant to be meant in the conversation below:
Monica: Yeah, yeah, and you were going to give him, you know, your flower.
Rachel: Okay, Monica, can you just call it sex?! It really creeps me out when you call it that. Okay, and by the way, while we're at it, a guy's thing is not called, "his tenderness." Believe me!
9. To love someone is to _____.
10. Beauty is Norah Jones.
13. I am most happy when I’m in the jamming studio.
14. Nothing makes me happier than Manchester City winning the derby.
15. If I can change one thing, I will change my sense of humor.
16. If smiles were _____.
17. Wouldn't it be nice if we could get it on to Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On.
18. If you want to go to _____ then you have _____.
19. Money is not everything but five dorra would surely buy you some long time love.
20. The most touching moments I have experienced is when I’m in the sauna; you donn’t wanna know.
21. I smile when _____.
22. When I am happy, _____.
24. The best thing I did yesterday was PWN1NG my loser cousin in Winning Eleven.
25. If I ever write a book, I will give it this title, Petua Tahan Lama.
26. One thing I must do before I die is to see below.
27. Doing this meme, I feel like, killing myself.

Photography by Azalia Suhaimi

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