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September 18, 2007

When you've got a movie with Son House preaching about the Blues, you know damn well that you're up for a treat.

The plot is simple. Yet its randomness left me in a bewildered heap. Though lightly based on a book, how the whole idea of having a sex addict Christina Ricci chained to a ruthless bluesman Sam Jackson's home radiator for ¾ of the movie came about, is beyond me.

Rae (Ricci) was sexually abused when she was a kid and growing up, sex became her drug. Found badly bruised after a wild night around town, Rae was taken home by Laz (Jackson) and after learning about her ‘illness', he decided the cure her, using the chain.
As I said, the story couldn't be simpler. But the way Jackson and Ricci carried their characters brought the movie to a new height. Screw IMAX. You can actually feel the smoke every time they puff one down their veins. And it only gets better. Laz was a bluesman and the movie was intensified by heavily overdriven Blues riffs throughout.

I learned a thing or two from the movie.

Moan is not about how Brokeback is not a love story. That's the critics talking crap. Two men going humpana at each other can never be a love story. When shit's gay, shit's funny. End of.

And that was how Laz see things. I'll elaborate.

Uno, don't go beyond if you don't have to. At times, you do judge a book by its cover. Poster had two men in cowboy hats wrangling each other instead of the bull. Would one need more convincing of the movie's queerness?

Dos, when deliberately done of course, messing up your grammar helps in making your points clearer and stressing your standpoint better. It also helps if you cut down on the colors and keep to the straightforward facts. And it's easier than you thought. Ima say it again, when shit's gay, shit's funny. Try it out. It's fun!

Now can somebody please hand Sam an Oscar already?

PS - On another note, I'm writing over at City Views too. It's a Malaysian City fans blog. The Star hooked me up with them. Sweet.


corluka = the new maldini,

only time will tell. sebab dalam FM aku dia gempak nak mampos haha.

manloq: and ko igt cemana sven discover dia? good old FM! the most impressive city summer signing together with elano, in my book. gotta see him play man.

tanjung: haha.. tu nama bapak aku la. asrif omar dua2 nama aku :)

what about pierre andre? nama manja?

Dude! I tagged ya!

It's just like rice. You eat it like the rest of the asian population. Once in a while you can skip it, but in the end you still have to eat it. Even though rice in general is plain in taste, since you are really dependent on it, you put some meat or vegetables on the side to help you swallow that rice you have been consuming from when you had your first tooth. And as you have other options, you sometimes crave for other genre of food but at the end of the day, you will seek rice as your savior.

Haha ye ke.. seriesly selama ni aku ingat nama kau asrif bin omar.. hehe talk about ignorance..

judd, apa moral of the story tu?

jose, in my eyes, one of the world's most brightest managers.


i know man. heres to jose staying in the league. strong views on him taking over jol at spurs, really. wouldnt mind that.

btw, his farewell interview was tops!

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Told you it was a good movie. Now if you would like to see a 'brown snake moan', with the right price I think it could be arranged. Just promise to be gentle.

eh dah keluar kat malaysia ke?

The website's off the heezy!

banyak2 team aku envy arsenal gak aa..power gile dow...

bro, i really enjoy this movie. the writer is brilliant in reversing the role of black master liberating the white, unlike the 'ol slave days. in the end, the consistently good performance of christina ricci triumphs at setting herself free of negative energy around. yep, mr. jackson deserve an oscar for this movie full of morality dilemma.

snoop, i know ure one of the good guys. now go grill them american broadband for some good ozawa AV soldier.

ikram, doubt it would reach the msian theaters.

jeghi, aku gitu gak. frust ni beb, draw 3-3. rugi 2 point.

haza, maybe his best since pulp fiction? with a few hiccups along the day of course (star wars, snakes on plane lol)

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