Next Year
December 19, 2007

I don’t like December for one reason; it’s littered with ‘next year’ jokes.

Wherever you go people will try their best to somehow slide in a next year joke or two.

“Dude, we need to submit the paper ASAP.”

“Sure man, I’ll do it next year...”

“Next year?! The hell you sniffin’ man..? Gaaah..!”

“Haha, chill brotha… we’re in late December. Jan 1st is just two days away…”

“Owh… owh… ahaha… ahaha hee… hee…”

“Yeah, he he he… gotcha…” (striking this pose)

And that is how they usually end; a reluctant chuckle that fades into thin air.

Now I don’t have a problem with people who swear by next year jokes. In fact, I cherish their notion in injecting some camaraderie into the conversation; no matter how ridiculous it may be. I’m a lover like that.

What I do have a problem with though is doing that reluctant chuckle thing properly.

You see, I’m the worst actor in the world. Put me in any movie and you’ll see Clark Gable in Justin Guarini.

That said, I can’t fake emotions properly. It’s very difficult for me to draw a decent ‘joke acceptance’ face whenever someone throws a next year joke at me. And it’s simply because deep down inside, I feel nothing for next year jokes. They are like the points in Whose Line Is It Anyway; they don’t matter. Or as Drew had put it, they’re like deodorants to cab drivers.

Silence is better off, really.

Which made me think; why doesn’t anyone ever make any ‘last year’ joke?

Say your wife comes to you sometime early January and tell you that she’s pregnant. And you then say,

“You tramp! That ain't my kid… last time we had sex was last year!”

Referring to of course, sometime late December.

I’m taking myself too seriously. Happy new year everyone.


pookey lu serip. hahahaha, nice, mmg kena.

selamat hari raya asrif! Raya kat KL ke?

Banyak doo aku nak ckp tapi bila tgk Salah posing, aduh laaa speechless terus.


Great piece.

gambar salah tu mmg priceless.

Banyak lagi pose-pose Salahx yang menarik. Tengok ah bebila in the future kalau ada writeup yang lagi sesuai.

Tg, beraya kat KL je la, grandparents all in town. Selamat Hari Raya..!

Tapi aku rase gamba serip topless pakai helmet tuh lagi priceless .. tiada tandingan

haha tell these jokers 'it's so cliche'

korang ni muda2 dah jaded. chill lah wei hidup nih jangan serious sangat. hahaa.. aku pon takdelaa gelak.. i just say "owh" or "ak ah kan?" then move on.

mari main mercun di bukit raja on new year's eve!

in response to friendster: hi asrif.

i'm back in kl. see you at zed's wedding (if i make it).

Badol: What's happenin' Mole Boy..?

Haza: A bit too obvious that, mate. How come lama tak update blog..?

Azah: Mari sini nok kelih guestlist BBQ hahaha...

Hanna: But but I may not be there pulak aww... hope to see you while you're around.

hoh stail tuh. i wont release the guest list to anyone. i want people to come because they are my friends, not because whom i have in the list.

owh well maybe if you go dgn hati yang ikhlas u'll find one or two former models at my place. lol.

lol aku tgk posing2 salah tu yg buat aku terhibur pagi2 buta ni

btw ko pegi wedding rizal tak 'thn depan'?

Azah: I'll try to keep my heart pure.

Ihsan: Gambar kau memang macho. Kau dah kerja lum san..? Ke kau sambung blaja..? Buat ah gambar Salahx tu buat wallpaper handphone or something. Wedding Rizal insha Allah aku pergi. See you there bro.

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