For Dream, We Can
January 26, 2008

It’s all too often the case already whenever we’re out eating. We’ll be at this table, all 28 of us all guys, and in between the banters and worthless discussions, we have our eyes everywhere looking for attractive members of the opposite gender within sight.

If she’s alone, we’ll talk about all the possibilities; all the things that we could do to flatter her, only for her to leave before we could actually execute whatever bollocks we spewed out. If she’s with another guy, we’ll be allright if the guy looks allright. If that’s not the case however, you’ll hear the most horrible words coming out of these guys; from the Elephant Man to Gary Neville and everything in between.

Though I’m not much of a goody two-shoes myself, I try to instill the idea of, at least to myself, not ripping on strangers no matter how fun it could be. Yes estimating the number of mirrors he’d broken can be amusing but just look at the girl he’s canoodling with. Broken mirrors fix themselves whenever she’s around. You do have to give it to him, one way or the other.

The egoistical beings in us deny the fact that jealousy and envy play a role. That and the rather clichéd psychological state of ‘inferiority complex’. Mainly, it boils down to the innate, natural wants in us all. Not necessarily the need, but the want to be with someone physically appealing.

A bit of Dr. Phil cock-talking for you right there. Realization is the only remedy.

Whenever I see a good looking girl, I need no convincing that she would rather grow balls (out of her chin) than go out with me. I can’t help but see the guys throwing the same amount of abusive chant my way if I was that guy walking with the eye-catching lady. Through time I learned how to control my ambitions. You know, aim for the sky but don’t get too bogged down if you go no further than your room ceiling.

Fair enough Jessica Alba would hang herself after coming home from a date with me. I’ll make enough money just so the next girl doesn’t commit suicide. It worked for football players. They give hope to run of the mill looking men worldwide. And for that I adore them. Carlos Tevez, you earn every cent of the £182, 938.23 you get every week.

Hollywood has been a great help too. It wasn’t until recently that you finally, actually see Jack Black make sweet love to Kate Winslet on the big screen. Prior to that, the only movie that had ever given me hope was Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Even then the Beast turned into a decent looking guy at the end of the movie. Apart from these ‘saviors’, I should say, we could only dread listening to women throwing praises in the truckload at the Clooneys, Firths, Grants and McConaugheys of the world.

So the next time you feel like slitting your wrist looking at average men walking hand in hand with gorgeous women, channel your negative energy into a pathway that would turn them to positive energy. These men aren’t our enemy. They are our friends; our hope, portraying the things that we are capable of. For dream, we can.


for dream,we can.

even tho it's the only dream we got left.


May your dreams come true...
Amen to that...*wink*
When hope turns to->faith->action...
One word 4 U, bro->"Attaboy!" :)

Really bro?

From what I have gathered from our conversations, it seemed like you're living the life. 'Hot Chicks' ajak keluar hangout makan laaa, guys ajak jamming kat clubs. Have a few part time boyfriend roles on the sides. Hanging out in a girl's room, etc etc etc. Post kali ni says otherwise.

Oh wait, that was Alee....

Snoop, harsh one there mate. If he could pull off his 'evil genius' stunt once, I see no reason he could do it again.

you'd have a better chance at wet dreams, angah.

Aku tunggu masa kau jadi hero aku serih...

nice piece dude. pasni aku harap aku nampak kau jalan hand in hand dgn awek cun.insya allah.

these beautiful / hot girls fall for the average joe because they give the girls their all.

menatang bagai minyak yang penuh. laye supo princess.

if the girls go out with someone who are their equal in terms of looks, chances are the dude can turn out to be a selfish bastard.

baik amik hok tok semak, tapi laye supo puteri raja dari suffer from someone's ego.

Asrif and hot chicks...

Unless hot chicks tuh refer pada anak ayam yang kepanasan.... I guess all you have is just a dream! But teruskan berusaha!

Masak lomak!

apesal masak lomak?

u go serih. go get them chickas!!

buat apa mimpi-mimpi, ni i single ni. tapi i main futsal ok ke?

Aiseh, single la pulak. I biasa main double je... raket lebih ada je ni kalau you nak join.

aku xtau nak tulis apa

aku xnak kem salam kat fazura..kem salam kat farah fauzana bole gak..trimas bro

Asrif and hot chicks...

Hmm, sure you can aim for the sky, bro…

Tapi, do bare in mind the ingenious quote from Borat, dol;"If you chase a dream, especially those with a plastic chest, you can miss the real beauty in front of your eyes" –Borat

Oh btw, Borat does reminds me of Abg Leman kiter... especially tang moustache tuh….ye tak? hehe~



be choosers

-pak andak-

Hanim: Lovely Borat line there. My choice for movie of the year 2006.

Pak Andak: Apa saja lu cakap ni? Wa baru balik from Kota Singa. Tengok Sting, Copeland & Summers... LIVE!

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