Thank You
March 14, 2008

We would like to thank everyone who came to the gig last night. Going to a gig on the eve of a working day is definitely a daunting task.

That said, we could only wish that words can express our gratitude for your phenomenal support. Apparently, they can't.

The Big Pink

PS - Girl in white top and black skirt, front right table (your right) -- you looked gorgeous. Oh yeah, you too kind gentleman in the unbuttoned pink and white striped shirt bearing your hairy chest.

Setlist: Red House, Cocaine, Tore Down, Stormy Monday, Hunger, Badge, Little Wing

Photos: Ena's, Hanim's, Juaini's

Videos: Little Wing (outro)


it was worth it.

words may not truly xpress ur gratitude, but ur succumbing music numbers did.

u guys (The Big Pink) truly deserve a standing ovation. well done.

Music Luvva

Why no picture? We'd love to witness the gorgeous girl as well as the hairy chest too.

keep on bluesin'


We're in the presence of greatness.

artis duduk dikelilingi wanita2 hot di laundry bar. lol.

great stuff mate! although would be nicer if the lead guitarist's volume could be turned up one notch... otherwise, enjoyed it thoroughly... especially the blues standards... :-)


gua tak dpt gua tau perasaan perform..haha..

teruskan usaha anda!

asrep, kenapa kaler pink? anyway, aku nak dgrlaa lagu korang.. ni blues band ko have yet to have a name ke (the last time aku jumpe ko kat bangsar tuh)?

Bai lamos...

nice ah lu, tak sia sia usaha setahun lebih prektis.

Lagu2 Muddy Confluence bila nak masuk setlist? Ke mmg tak best nak masuk? ngahaha...

real men wear pink.

upload vids kat youtube wei!

bare them all to the tubers!
your soul
your music

jangan malu terpusi2

orang2 sebelah sini
nak enjoy lepak2
kat ofis malam2 buta

preeettty pleeeezzz!

-pak andak-

Thank you all very very much.

Hanim, great pics great vids -- you're great ahhhh..!

Nova, some of them are up now... more to come! :-)

Deb, Mrs. Dunning of Bloomington, IN? Thank you very much nevertheless.

Judd, you are always in the presence of greatness -- the great size of your belly, my obese friend.

Azah, artis mana? Aircond rosak ke awek-awek tu jadi hot..? :-o

Terence, thanks a lot man. It was a great privilege playing those Blues number to a Blues lover like yourself.

Pengyu, usaha usaha gak... wa tengah geram nak cabut centerfold magazine motor lu ni hahaha...

Dinna G, yeah... tapi dah ada nama la now. Ring us up whenever you're in KL ahh..! You are once my manager -- circa the Rojak Exp. years kan?

SalahX, wish you were there Yop -- I owe you a lot man. Will be working on some Muddy songs with the guys... you'll be the first to get a copy ah!

Pak Andak, ni sorang lagi. I owe you a lot too! Segala nasihat dan tunjuk ajar lu. Wa tarak amek video apa malam tu, tapi ada a few friends did kut... nanti wa mintak diorang upload..!

i nominate myself as official groupie and media liaison. can or not?

ok ah, hanna jadi media liason hahaha

i shaved my chest that night.


REALLY Judd? heh.

I thought you're well aware of my hairless chest that night, Azah? If you know what I mean.

"i shaved my chest that night.

for BIG PINK" -Judd-

Lor, tawt u were the "kind gentleman in the unbuttoned pink and white striped shirt bearing his hairy chest".

Jeez, serih...ko curang sama Judd!*wink* ;)

dude, sorry i couldn't come! :p
and i haven't been visiting this page for soooOOo long! lol.

lunch on monday? :D

lama siot tak masuk blog ko serih

amal, yeah lunch sounds alright. aku tgh gelabah ni minggu depan macam2 ada ni argh..!

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