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May 11, 2008

It's as obvious as Fred Savage's mole in Goldmember.

My sense of humor is in no way superior to that of the other guy's. I'm with Thomas Jefferson when it comes to people's hilarity; for all men, are created equal. That being said, I'm in no position of demeaning, if you will, the sense of humor of others.

Nevertheless, I'm a junior at work. And that entails being exposed to jokes from the various generations that the people at work belong to; namely Baby Boomers, Generation Jones, Generation X and perhaps Generation Y, to which I belong... I guess.

So in order for me to survive in this melting pot of comical intelligence, there is a certain level of humor acceptance that I need to be tolerable to. It's a jungle out there. One minute you're in a meeting where this guy talks about how a graph resembles his post-marriage weight and the next, you're at lunch with a friend who thinks it's funny to say the girls on his floor are hot... because the air conditioner is broken.

While you do have the liberty to tell your friend to kill himself for cracking such a horrible joke, your hands are tied when it comes to that guy at the meeting. Perhaps the most you could do is just scream silently at him,

"Even if your last breath depends on it... please avoid stand-up comedy, or any other form of it, at all cost."

Other than that, the only thing you could do physically is in essence, draw a friendly snicker on your face and maybe nod a bit. My second most favorite actor of all time Denzel Washington (only next to Al Pacino) does it all the time in his movies, when he's pissed off. He carves a huge smile with his mouth closed but you know, you just know that he doesn't mean even an iota of it.

It's been a good year plus for me in the corporate world though. I'd somehow grasped the tricks behind maneuvering around the different nature of comedy different groups of people demand.

When a 52 year old office colleague asks me if I'm single or married, do I answer ‘single but I used to play doubles badminton back in school'? Or whenever I'm out chilling with my friends, do I reiterate, with intent, a joke I overheard from a much senior colleague? About how Malaysians crossed the rocket in their ballots in the recent general elections... because we've been obsessed with rockets since we sent a man into space.

Answering these types of questions, which used to mystify me into deep thoughts, is now at the tips of my fingers. I've held a grasp, if not a strong one, on the concept of tailoring your gag to your audience's need.

Or so I thought until this sketch I did last week. Ajep, nice working with you on this one.



apa2 pun man city kene tapau baik nye..hehhee..bro, aku balik 24hb ni..jumaat malam bola mcm biasa lagi?

LOL at the sketch but what's with the cell?

Jeghi, Friday 10 - 12. Cakap sini tak guna la... kita deal atas padang.

San, I wanted to make it look more like a queue. The cell is an extra, in other words.

aaaaahhhh.. got it!
tsk, lambat la

Bros nampak cam takut2 je.. potong queue hos ke?

Superior English!

aritu kene sound ngan badol pasal buat lawak sama. ni skrg kene explain lawak plak kat si ihsan hameed. amende ni snoop?

what's going on, manny?

naper ek ada handphone tu? apa yang kelakar nyer gambar tu? ish tak paham la..

*buat-buat tak paham.

Oh Asrif Asrif... sucks siut lawak "Berus before hose" nih!!! I thought the other day, the terms "Bros before hoes" boleh turn around jadik lawak gay kan? Imagine how to draw that one out :)

Hi Sarimah, aku memanggg pencinta wanita... uyaya..!

apa perkembangan terbaru kau ni weh?
lama sudah menyepi ni.. tak tau aku ke ko yg menyepi..hehe

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