Save The Gerbils
June 19, 2008

I've been writing quite a bit now, covering a host of topics from the economic recession in Eastern Europe during the Great Depression, to my similarity to Pinocchio in terms of body part elongation.

After roughly skimming through my past posts however, I realized that they all have two things in common:
  1. They pose thought-provoking questions that often times challenge the conventional way of analyzing behaviors in society.
  2. None of the "thought-provoking questions that often times challenge the conventional way of analyzing behaviors in society" contribute, in any measurable amount no matter how small, to the betterment of mankind.
In other words, this website has been nothing more than a waste of web space, should it be relatively compared to the unquestionable importance of websites such as ImageChan or Fail Blog, to humanity.

Thus today, in conjunction with Paula Abdul's birthday, I believe there is no other time more apt for me to make a change in the things I write and eventually, God willing, the world we live in. I'm going to start writing on things that would benefit us in many ways and add value to our lives, while giving back to society. I'm going to write about something useful.

About something useful.

Moving on, just like any other servants of the corporate world, I spend the bulk of my time at the office. And day in day out, I've been irked by the amount of papers being wasted at work. It's a pet peeve that I never knew I had, in a way.

Firstly, do allow me to clarify here that when I say ‘paper wasting', I am in no way at all referring to ‘office sports' such as paper airplane or the basketball variation, dustbinball. For these activities respectively promote aviation development and teamwork as well as athleticism within the staff members. Furthermore, white collar athletes across the globe are becoming greener by switching dustbins for recycle bins.

Paper wasting in this context refers to the act of printing unnecessarily; often demonstrated through the printing of documents with miniscule need of being in hard copy format. Worse off, some of these documents are being printed single-sided.

How does one deem a document ‘unnecessary to be printed', you may ask. Why did the chicken cross the road, you may also ask.

While I'm more intrigued to answer the second question (which would be this), let's not deviate from our topic here. To me, a document becomes ‘unfit to print' when having a soft copy of it wouldn't mean the end of the world; or the banning of Dunkin' Donuts in my world.

It happens all the time. I've seen people printing out the most needless of things. In ascending order of irrelevance, from a piece of paper that tells the current time and date to a whole chapter from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

What we need to realize is that the less we print, the healthier we become. I won't even dwell into the environmentally friendly or energy saving aspect it; doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that. Printing less simply improves our well-being.

Stay with me on this one.

So unless you're that kid from The Sixth Sense, you were born with five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Now, I'm going to elaborate how printing brings displeasure to every one of these senses.


Take a look at your office printer. Look deeper... stare at it. Now try imagining that your office printer is Zuleyka Rivera, Miss Universe 2006. Got it? No?

Of course you can't. Not because you don't know how Zuleyka Rivera, Miss Universe 2006 looks like, it's because the printer remotely resembles her.

Now try imagining that your office printer is Dennis Rodman.

Didn't even have to tell you to try did I?

The thing with printers is that they weren't designed for you to take them everywhere, unlike your cell phone or iPod. Hence the way they look doesn't matter; just like what women would usually say about men... who are rich.

You could put a group of Furbies in the design department of a printer company and they would still produce a decent looking printer.

As a matter of fact, I doubt any of the other things at the office would want to date it.

"Yo Phone... seen that new desk lamp over at Finance? She puts the DANG in DANGDUT bro..."

"Tell me about it Stapler. We need more of these desk lamps around here to neutralize Printer's eyesore effect man."

"You don't even have eyes but I'm totally with you there man."


I did a simple experiment the other day with the following hypothesis:

"Sound waves produced by office printers have the same adverse effect on gerbils as music produced by Fall Out Boy."

Two gerbils were placed in two separate rooms, Room 1 filled with music by the Fall Out Boy and Room 2 with a printer, continuously printing a PDF copy of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

After two hours, the gerbil in Room 1 was found dead after eating its own hand while the gerbil in Room 2 was found dead in his sleep after reading the first few pages of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.



Well, when was the last time you heard anyone using printer ink as perfume?


I would be really surprised if you do this but try licking on a warm, freshly printed piece of paper. Hardly tastes like filet mignon, I'd presume?


See any of the above. Or come up with your own point; couldn't be any worse than the ones I'd written.

Though you may realize that I ran out of ideas by the time I got to that Fall Out Boy experiment (which is non-fictional), I do hope that I managed to deliver my point. And as intended, contribute to the betterment of mankind.

So, unless you're printing out this article to be shared with, while educating and enlightening that very attractive colleague of yours, please do think twice before printing at the office.

Save the gerbils.

EDIT June 22, 2008: Good night, George Carlin.


Serih, ko memang genius.

once again, micro genius macam super mario and luigi dalam game tuh.

komen aku sama cam sani, walaupun rupamu tidak kukenal.

aku rasa nak print artikel ni dan tampal kat satu pejabat.

save the gerbils.


Red alert, red alert... sausage fest in the making.

Hanna, where you at?

sausagefest hahaha!

george carlin,
roomate aku dulu pasang dvd dia hari2, dengar lawak sama ulang-ulang.

big loss, big loss.

save the gerbils!!

r.i.p. g.c.

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