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July 21, 2008

I had the privilege of giving a few words at my friends, Fadhli and Farah's wedding last weekend. Unbeknownst (that's Belarusian for 'unknown') to them, my public speaking ability is only comparable to that of a door stopper's.

But I was honored indeed and took some time (27 minutes) to write the following text; before realizing that reading it out would only garner as much attention as actually putting a door stopper on stage. So I had it folded to drench in my pocket as I went up and delivered my words, loosely based on it.

Mr. B, Farah, hope I did alright and thanks again, it was an honor. You guys looked beautiful that night. You too Badol.

Assalamu'alaikum w.b.t. and a very good evening,

Ladies and gentlemen, we're all gathered here on this beautiful day to celebrate the blissful marriage of my good friends, Fadhli and Farah.

My buddies at the table near that corner over there, on the other hand, are here to get to know girls.

You wish, my friends.

It wouldn't be too much to say that I grew up together with the couple. I've known them for a good ten years now. We went to high school together.

Fadhli was this kid from Bangi whom I believe hated me as much as the other students during the first few weeks as I could never stop talking about wrestling. In my defense, at the tender age of 16, it wasn't easy for me to resist from wanting to be The Rock. After a few games of basketball and outings to Kota Bharu however, we became good friends and left our differences behind; despite the fact that I still couldn't stop talking about wrestling.

Farah was one of the Damansara girls at our school. Unlike the stereotypical 'city girl' who would usually look at me and my friends as dirty, smelly boys, Farah was never short of a smile. She was always ever so friendly with us guys. And I suppose it was her warmth that fascinated Fadhli, before they started a relationship towards the end of our senior year.

We went to the States to further our studies in 2002 and I didn't get to see the couple much; maybe once a year at the Malaysian Games. Now the cool thing about these two people is the way they allow each other to spend time with their own friends.

So during these Malaysian Games thing, Fadhli gets to hang out with his guy friends and laugh at horrible, horrible jokes (none of which ever came from me) while Farah gets to enjoy the company of her girl friends and talk about, I don't know, potpourris.

But at the football matches, Farah is always there to cheer for Fadhli as he paves the field with grace. A heartwarming scene indeed as I too got my fair share of cheers, from fans of the opposite team.

And therein lies the beauty of this relationship between these two wonderful people. Their chemistry as well as the understanding that they have to each other fuels the happiness, for them to share together.

Fadhli, Farah, my prayers for many more blessed years to you guys. Amin.

Thank you. Wassalam.

Give it up for Mr. B!


Ajar aku public speaking serih. aku kalau pergi depan je mesti pengsan.

thank you bro for the nice words, I promise I will not score a goal against you this coming futsal...

semoga cepat kahwin...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww.. schweeet...

serih being sweet? dang homie..
well, hope ur odd of getting chicks increase ten-fold after the speech.
perhaps bukan org main basketball je yg berani ajak ngko kluar. :)

Did you start of the speech with your infamous back up plan?

"Orang kata kalau speech wedding ni bahasa tak teratur pun takpe."

You're a pretty eloquent public speaker, my mexican friend.

Of course, eloquent enough for me to poop on!

wowwwwwwwwwww!!! did someone video-ed this? put it on youtube, i wanna see. mesti best.

hi asrif.

i hope your success rate with girls at the wedding doubled after this speech... but then again, 2x0 still equals 0, no? ;)

Pie: Public speaking aku tak reti Pie. Public span... oh nevermind.

Badik: Haha just doing my bit brader. Lu nak score ke tanak, make sure datang ah dulu. Nice wan Mr. B.

Amal: More from where it came from. Badabing!

Hussen: Nope, no luck. I still ended up in the batang table. Surprise surprise...

Snoop83: Ayat tu boleh guna kat Gempita je do...

Azah: No I don't think it was recorded and I hope it wasn't recorded, let alone uploaded.

Hanna: If only we aren't on the Internet and Nizar and Alip is around to back me up.

ass-rif the malaysian tatler of public speaking

ohh... i hope someone did. keno tengok nih =P

btw, asrif... potpourris have never crossed our minds during midwest games. it's hard to focus on anything else, when all we do is talk about the hunks at the soccer fields!

and later, the hunks performing on stage at the closing ceremony ;)

bola main, perform nasib masih sama...

lps main, lepak kt luar sesama sendiri...ingat tak kt madison, serip?

tu laaa ngko... awek basketball ajak ngko kluar pon ngko reject bulat2..
apa kes???

Judd: The Malaysian Tatler of public spanking, of Ikram.

Azah: I do have a video of Judd doing the Macarena, half naked though. Fancy a peek?

Farah: Tipu, sorang je hunk you tengok masa Midwest. :-) Don't know about the other girls though; feasting their eyes on the other hunks... Hang Jebat, Hang Kasturi etc. (Sorry, I just had to.)

Abe: Even talking about it menitik air mata gua bai...

Hussen: I don't know what you're talking about. BTW, ko berlagak lebih Uzbek/Russian girls here and there, mana pics?

ya rabbi...

toksah dok bawak cerita2 gitu bai, aku mengenangkan sampai geleng kepala sorang2, pastu tersengih, pastu makan burger...


Aku Adalah Aku.

hang tuah,hang jebat, hang bodoh..

hahahha...kalo ko perform lagi nanti amek kan satu dua no tepon..

i told u oredy... jangan letak citer kinky2.. now look la what happennn... website dh kene block ngan company..

p/s - ko nih ada letak porn kot dlm website ni.. hidden porn.. wakakaka

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