6 Degrees
March 29, 2009

Bwahaha Eleena you are a genius!

Details: http://blog.enaphotography.com/2009/03/6-degrees-project-the-results

"For anyone who’s interested, the photos above and photos from the photographers who are involved in this project will be up at the KL Design Week exhibition which will begin this Friday, 28 March till 4 April at CapSquare, KL. The KLickr (KL Flickr) section will be located on the first floor, right as you head up the escalators from the entrance next to Starbucks. Hope to see you guys there!"

Yeah baby.


Asrif! Thanks for the reference :)

Come check it out tomorrow! I think I'll be there in the evening.

Hmmm..Ikram, Din and Ajie already went there just now but I was tied up with KLickr's 3rd Anniversary. :\

hi asrep.

i'm not sure what that expression on your face says.


Ena: Nampak gaya... hari Sabtu baru I boleh drop by. Last day lak tu aiseh. But I will drop by nevertheless. :-)

Hanna: I think it was along the lines of "Honey, wanna share an umbrella? You ain't gonna wanna leave it, though." No, Hanna?

The expression says more like, "Wonder if this umbrella would be enough to cover me from the rain of love...Except that the rain of love never falls on me."

That's right, my man!

Sad as it may be... I can't disagree. :-(

alamak, payung senget.

glamer nampak...! mintak autograf boleh?

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nice photo

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