Kids Draw the Darndest Things
June 01, 2009

Thought I'd share with you my 10-year old sister's perspective on the concept of a complete food chain. Or at least one that's logical whenever she's mad at me.

The scruffy caricature in the middle -- sandwiched by the uncomplimentary figures -- is anyone's guess.


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I really like how she tried to illustrate the corn-rolls fashion hairstyle. pure anger right there.

serih, adik ko memang genius

I guess I can imagine a cat eating poo. The person on the other hand...who has your sister been exposed to?

Tanjung: It runs in the family. :-)

Anon: You have yet to witness her physical abuse on me.

Ihsan: You're a genius too, my best friend in the whole wide world who will be taking me along whenever he's got photoshoot sessions with models.

Chubby: That is actually a pig and I can't recall the last time she was exposed to anything other than the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.

at the age of 10, a food chain, to me, would probably mean being shackled to an iron ball and chain at dinner table, forced to chow down a huge pan of spinach lasagna (eurgh!). your sister is a child prodigy.

Your sister is, by far, funnier than Ajep.

i beg to differ. AJEP IS THE FUNNIEST!!!! Design dia lagi gempak..

Bob belikan aku keyboard yamaha, please...

Esah: In the words of John Mayer, "sometimes you gotta be mad to be a genius".

Mars & Awang: Yeah I think so too. Design dia lagi gempak pasal ada WATERMARK!!!!!!

screw you guys!


wicked sonic beast. lovin d'keys!

wicked poop. lovin mcd choc sundae!*erk*


Dol, byk la Sundae ko hahaha...

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