You're Beautiful, and We're Late
October 10, 2009

They had an interesting discussion on the radio this morning. The DJ was asking listeners to call in and talk about men.

Men who beautify themselves.

No I don't intend to take a dig at some of you gentlemen out there who prefer to live a fabulous life of threaded eyebrows and shimmery glistening fingernails. I thoroughly respect the choice. If it's the radiant glow of your T-zone after a 3-hour, RM849.37, facial rejuvenation treatment that makes you happy, then I say go for it... girlfriend.

What caught my attention however, was a caller who voiced out her worry about her husband who had suddenly developed a strong concern over his appearance. Which did sound a bit odd at first. For most of the recently married guys I know face the struggle of getting used to grooming appliances e.g. a comb.

Anyway, according to her, they're facing some trouble getting out of the house on time for work. With the husband now taking more time in the bathroom and in front of the mirror, she's forced to wake up much earlier to dress up. In other words, her personal space has been indirectly invaded simply because her husband wants to 'bejewel it like Beckham' in the morning. And I, for one, do feel sorry for her.

You see, guys, the license to spend ages getting dressed is, I believe, every woman's birthright. They're warranted to do so. There's no two ways about it. It's a universally agreed understanding; whether we like it or not. A luxury, we're guilty of robbing from them should we ever question the logic behind say, putting on some makeup before they get out of the car; to pay the toll for example.

Even if you have to wait in the car -- or, worse off, in the living room with her younger siblings who'll just sit there and awkwardly stare at you -- for three hours, you are only to shower her with praises when she's finally (if ever) ready. It doesn't matter if you're already late to that Twilight sequel you both got tickets to. No of course she was the one who chose the movie.

For all that matters is that, she looks as stunning as Scarlett Johansson. Or at the very least, you lead her into believing it. As much as you have the strong urge to do so, pointing out how the three hours made no difference is never, and I mean never never ever, an option.

Legend has it that after growing impatient while waiting for his then girlfriend Pattie Boyd to get ready for a function, Eric Clapton wrote a song. One that would later become one of the most heartfelt love songs ever written. And what did he say to her in it?

"I say yes, you look wonderful tonight."

Goes to saying how long it took her to get ready, though. Long enough for Eric to write a chart-topping hit.


Impeccable writing. Bordering on art. Extra points for the Claptone twist at the end. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Dude, that song has a magical power!! evil genius!!

trust me, the song does wonders!

Siapa si kecik yang cute dalam gambar tu?

Hindsight: You are being too kind, sir.

Ali: Which was why I called you up to sing it out the other day buddy.

Sha: I hope. :-)

Syu: This kid over at Baitul Fitrah. Active gila.

Is it too much if I share this in FB? ;)

point taken... no wonder im single! hahahahah

WRD: You're more than welcomed to. :-)

Azzam: Lebih kurang la kita brader.

OMG u sangat sweet.

Cik Siti, I know who you are already haha.

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