2009, Tweeted
December 31, 2009

January 2009: Fireworks at the banks of River Chao Phraya... "2009 will be the year, @flyikkyfly. It will."

February 2009: The Big Pink & Zhin, reborn. Brown Black Blues 40th Anniversary. Got our mojo working with the best audience ever.

March 2009: Jakarta dan Bandung with MRSMPC schoolmates. 10 years since we first met and collectively hate Badol... 'til today.

April 2009: Turning 26. Perhaps the biggest b'day bash I'll ever have. Thanks @izzudinabrahim, @syahrizan, @razzario and @flyikkyfly. Love.

May 2009: Hanoi, Vietnam. Binging on pho overlooking the quaint French colonial buildings while talking about life with Freddie Kelate.

June 2006: The Big Pink became Fed Hi. You know what it means. Some of you go through it everyday, to work. EP recording project begins.

July 2009: Lost my laptop after some asshat broke into the house. Drafts of materials gone. Only to be found yesterday at the office PC.

August 2009: I forgot what happened in this month. @razzario was still not funny that's for sure.

September 2009: Lost my voice after going berserk at Safiz Hartamas when Adebayor ran 100m down the pitch to show some love to the Arses.

October 2009: EPL Premier Skills. Sprained ankle, twisted knee, burned skin and loved it. Joined the Subang Jaya Community Youth League.

October 2009: How could I forget. My first acoustic gig with Imran as Flattops. Daikanyama, Changkat BB. Lovely, lovely audience. You rule.

November 2009: Sabah with the Godbros. Islands, beaches, mountains and jungles. Malaysians, please go there. Thanks @syahrizan and family.

December 2009: @azaliasuhaimi :-)

2009 is the year then, @flyikkyfly.


Of writings & poems & everything in between.

Thank you, @asrif :)

cool what, i do a decade, you do a year. and a fine ending to it, too. have a good year ahead, dude.

Hehe. Thank YOU, @azaliasuhaimi. :-)

Kudo: Back atcha, brother. Back atcha.

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