In The Jungle, The Corporate Jungle
May 24, 2010

We walk too fast.

It's true. I was walking to work the other day. And just as I was about to get into the lobby, a swarm of people stormed out of the train, rushed to the exit, and walked through me like a violent mob of high school girls at a Justin Bieber concert. (Not that I've been to one... yet.)

Bemused, the 30-second fiasco left me in a bewildered heap. I could only ask myself "What, was that all about?" and "Why, is that guy's pants tucked into his socks?"

It's a puzzling enigma.

I guess they don't call it 'rush hour' for nothing. It's a span of time during which people alarmingly march to their workplace as if their bowels are about to explode. Imagine the Korean army after a nasty dose of kimchi. It's the time of day when women the size of Shirley Temple could easily knock you down -- or in my case, injure your ribcage -- with the shove of their handbags.

It's a riot out there. Take it from me. I've been squeezed by the horde every morning for three years now. Life in the city allows you to witness men and women of corporate wilderness running rampage to outdo each other. All in pursuit of the ultimate prize: swiping their IDs by 8am... before going out for breakfast until 10am. The irony resonates immensely from the clacking of their towering stilettos.

But what is the rush for actually? There seems to be this constant urgency that demands us to be hurrying like roadrunners all the time. And it gets depressing when everyone looks like Judge Dredd in constipation. The corporate workforce could be a fickle lot. One minute you see elegant men and women in sleek suits. The next, they turn into savage beings of commercial badlands.

I believe the phenomenon roots back to the chain of fear that is being instilled through the ranks. You know, the company threatens the big boss who threatens your boss who threatens you who's got no one else to threaten. So you resort to threatening the cat down at the parking lot -- at least I do (before he threatens me back). And everyone starts to panic. And begin walking like the Super Mario Brothers on fast-forward. And you get a chaotic pandemonium of selfish people devoid of simple human values e.g. not breaking my spine by ramming me on the escalator at 758am.

That's all there is to it I guess. That said, let us all calm down now. Take a breather and calm down.

There's more to life than taking ourselves too seriously.


superb. i like this.

Malaysia is a rat race. It happens. Unfortunate but true.

Pie: Thanks man.

Aida: A race nobody's winning really.

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