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June 09, 2010

Dear Malaysian Customer Service,

Hope this letter finds you in good health.

And by "good health", I hope you're not making people listen to Kenny G until the next available operator comes back... from his week-long annual leave.

It wasn't too long ago since our last engagement. Such a lovely day it was. I'd just switched back to Streamyx after I was disappointed with P1 WiMAX. As impressive as their huge 'Potong' billboards were, they forgot to mention that to get connected, you'd have to be on the roof holding the modem like a ballerina.

As I was saying, my separation from Streamyx was cut short. We were reunited at TMpoint, the "one-stop center for excellent customer service and communication solutions in Malaysia". A motto so convincing I was adamant that they'd serve me in no time. At least until I got my number (3889), and noticed the currently served number (3018).

But how could one not be giddy walking out of that place? With a 'Streamyx In-A-Box' from their 'Blockbuster Deals', I simply couldn't wait to "Transform My Home" and "Boost My Internet Experience". If only they'd blown up "3-Business Days Activation" in large fonts as well.

Alas, Internet service providers are Internet service providers. They could throw a picture of people enjoying their Internet service underwater and you'd still buy it.

I did.

I only wish that they could be a bit more honest, you know. A lesson or two from the immigration office wouldn't hurt. Those guys never do false advertising. And that's simply because they advertise nothing.

It's true. They won't tell you that the lines won't be longer than the ones at Disneyland. And you'll only get a number for longer lines at the end of it. They won't tell you that only two of the fifteen counters are open. And the other thirteen counters are still out at lunch. (It's 4pm.) They won't tell you that the KIOSK machines have been broken since 1998. And they serve as the security guard's smoking area these days.

Alas, there is nothing wrong with that. Because they never promised anyone the "ultimate passport-renewal experience".

But you're not all, entirely bad apples you know. Domino's Pizza gives me a free pie whenever they're late for delivery. Even by a minute. Which is why I refuse to answer the door any earlier than 31 minutes after I order.

And then there's Integricity, who's hosting my website. I e-mailed them about a problem the other day and their guy called me personally and got it fixed within minutes. He even offered me some cotton candy at the end of the call. If only my mom allowed me to take candies from strangers over the phone.

All I'm saying is, Malaysian Customer Service, as often as you cause headache to the people of the nation, you really do have the potential to make us happy. For starters, try putting on a smile at the counter. You can't be constipated all the time now, can you?

Looking forward to seeing you.

Not too soon though.

A. Customer

P.S: I'm still on hold here. Kenny's playing Songbird.

Photo: Azalia Suhaimi


I had a slightly better experience at maybank the other day. pulled out a number that'd take forever to get to. an officer saw that i had been waiting for a while and decided to let me go to the counter immediately. even pulled out a number for me that is closer to the one currently served. i dunno they could do that, seriously.

Oh, I feel you.

The number of persistent follow up calls I've made complaining about customer service definitely contributes significantly to my stress levels at the best of times.

came by from ihsan's recommendation! this is really witty and interesting.. haha.. i've been a user to steamyx for quite some time.. even though p1 wimax was superb strong with their ads, i didnt buy any of their tricks..

i rather swim underwater than surf there.. =P

Ihsan: Care to share which branch this is? The guard deserves a badge of honor for that.

Aida: Not to mention everything -- including them answering the calls -- takes at least 3-business days.

Ken: P1 is correct. They do have super-fast blazing wireless Internet connection. Only is, you gotta live under their transmission tower.


Laughters galore. TMNet's customer's service is indeed a heck to go through. I remember this one time where I had to wait 30 minutes to get my call transferred, only to have 2 minutes of conversation, then to be transferred again.

They should really take Dell's Customer Service as a prime example. Nothing but goodness comes from me, a person who went through the service :P

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