Cuddly Poetry
August 04, 2010

A good friend had just returned to poetry writing. And in the early pages of her notebook, she wrote the following. Words could barely express our gratitude. Thank you Lia. You rule.

Yaya and Asrif,
When I think of you, these pop into mind.

Polaroid Cameras
Sunshine and Moonlight.
Satire and Giggles.
Roti Durian.
Man vs. Food Malaysian Edition.

Vintage Dresses.
Footprints across a sandy beach.
Dusk and Dawn.
KL Traffic Tweets.
Baju Kurung and slippers.
Poems and Postcards.
Dancing on a stage to a Latin Beat.
Surprise Birthday Parties.

Finding joy in the simple things in life.
Family and Friends.
But Most of all, I see Love and two halves of a whole when I think of you two.

Celebrate your lives together.
Make it full of happy memories,
Laughter, Love, mess, food, creativity and people who love you.
This will carry you through life’s little bumps on the road
And together, love will see you through.

By: Angelia Ong
04 August 2010.


this is like the sweetest. yr friend depicts both of u really well, eventho i know only pieces of u and yaya.

congratulations for finding true love in each other.. :)

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