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December 31, 2010

As posted on Twitter.com/asrif.

It's the last day of the year. Guess it's time, for my 2010 Year In Review. :-)

January: Welcomed 2010 with a bang. Yes "Bang!" was the sound of me knocking my head on the wall from toothache. 8 root canal visits ensued.

February: Took @azaliasuhaimi to the lake to propose to her. It's usually quiet there but the loud fishermen couldn't help it. She said yes.

March: UK road trip with the family. Witnessed the amazing sights and scenery of the isles including Scotland, Wales, England, and Pakistan.

April: Turned 27. @azaliasuhaimi amazingly gathered my friends for a surprise. Too happy but didn't drop a tear. Not until later that night.

May: Threw my first ever surprise b'day party. For none other than @azaliasuhaimi. I expect an Oscar nomination for my directing and acting.

June: Bought my first car off my dad. A 2005 Honda City. That's right. A 1.5L mean driving machine that will surely scare your sleeping cat.

July: World Cup South Africa. Spain outclassing Holland, Paul the Octopus, and the sound of the vuvuzela still buzzing in my earBBZZZZZZTTT!

August: Recorded 6 songs with my band Fed Hi for our debut EP. Lost my voice by the fourth track. Final mixing and release by mid-year 2011.

September: My 3rd article in The Star: http://bit.ly/9U4fsW -- Getting the hang of it after getting my writing featured in Classifieds only.

October: Moved from Planning to Branding at work. Still don't know what I'm supposed to do in office other than annoy people with bad jokes.

November: Parents went to Hajj & I was in charge of things. House got robbed, my MacBook stolen, City lost to Wolves. But it's all good. :-)

December: Wedding countdown. Everything's in place apart from my manly mani pedi sesh with the Godbros. http://plixi.com/p/66826804

And that, was my 2010. A beautiful year full of love, learning & trying to be funny on Twitter while failing miserably (more in 2011 sorry).

Here's to an awesome 2011. May it bring us smiles as we learn more about life. I surely look forward to @azaliasuhaimi's smile everyday. :-)


Very nice year indeed..so it was in feb that you proposed...and i met you first time in jan with my friend sook mei i assumed!heres to a wonderful 2011!

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