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January 20, 2011

Well there goes my Maybe 365 project. Then again, 5 is still, ‘maybe 365’ isn’t it?

On a far more important note, I got married on January 8th to the most beautiful girl in the world, Azalia Suhaimi.

(Not too sure if she’d say the same of me... about being pretty, not a girl -- though that does occur at times.)

The akad went smoothly i.e. I only had to recite it once (Booyah!). And the receptions on both sides made us possibly the happiest people on the planet during the past week.

She had her dream wedding by the lake with lights, flowers, music, and us walking down the aisle to All You Need Is Love. (Read all about it here.) While I had my dream wedding as well, filled with laughter of bad jokes from my schoolmates and more bad jokes from my father’s schoolmates.

Endless gratitude to our parents, family members and friends for all their support. If I could plant you a mountain of flowers overlooking a double rainbow after a sunshiny Sunday morning rain, I would. In the meantime, I hope this blog post would do.

Above all, thank you God for this incredible gift. Alhamdulillah.

Some photos by our wonderful photographer Nik Aizu, and his team, Shazni and Amir.

Set 1:
Set 2:


Harap kau akan terus menulis walaupun dah kawin.

ive said this many times, u guys are perfect together. but im sure it doesnt get old yet kan kan? hehehe..

my prayers go to both of u, the sweetest couple ive known so far :) *of course after ellen and portia. but that doesnt count*

happy happy!!

Asrif, Selamat Pengantin Baru. My apologies, I wanted to attend your wedding so badly but I had a terrible fever and flu that I know is contagious. So, I decided not to go.

I read about in on your wife's blog and it sounds like a beautiful wedding (as I presumed it would be and since Syah can't stop talking about how wonderful you guys are).

Nevertheless, I wish you a lifetime of happiness and may your life together be blessed with many more magical moments.

Pie: That's the plan. Insha Allah.

Roe: Such kind words from you Roe. If only I know who Ellen and Portia are. Nevertheless, here's to a great 2011... and beyond! :-)

Taufiq: Bereh boh.

Tanjung: Yeah we missed you. Some of the IU folks were there. Insha Allah ada rezeki kita jumpa nanti. Dekat wedding Godbros lain ke. :-)


Selamat pengantin to u!!

I wish i can be there, tp out of country lah..

nnt aku balik, we ll catch up..if bini bagi keluar lah..hahaha x pun, bawak je bini sekali..

serih serih..nikoh doh abe serih..hehe..

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