The Maybe 365 Project: 1.1.11
January 01, 2011

I haven’t been updating this blog that much toward the end of last year. Apart from the re-posts of my articles in The Star, I’ve practically posted nothing. In other words, I’m wasting precious domain hosting dollars and cents.

The number of readers hasn’t been that encouraging as well. Bar those who stumbled upon the site after googling “spleen sandwich” or “itchy groin” (beats me), the average number of visitors to the site for the year ending December 31st, 2010, was three per day.

That’s right. Even Kim Jong Il Looking at Things garnered more attention than my website.

So for the upcoming year, to boost the activity of this site, I plan to post up one photo everyday with probably a story to go with it. You heard me right. By the end of the year, I’ll have 365 new photos; if I’m dedicated enough. Which is probably why people on the Internet cleverly call this kind of project, -- wait for it -- that’s right, The 365 Project.

But as I said, 365 photos will only happen for me if I’m diligent enough. And I rarely am. As demonstrated by my half-complete USS Constitution ship in a bottle and Richard Simmons jigsaw puzzle.

That said, I’m going to call this project the Maybe 365 Project. At the rate I’m going, all pumped up and ready to go, I may well end up with 637 photos but knowing my momentum throughout the year, I’d be lucky to have 3 photos.

This man successfully did it for 18 years with his Polaroid camera right to the day of his passing. An amazing feat. But I'll only be doing it with my phone's camera. Can't afford to lug around a proper camera and I'm only as good at photography as Khloe Kardashian at being polite.

I guess it’s a good way for me to keep myself active with my writing as well. For the only way to write better is to write more. There’s always Twitter but 140 characters would only allow me to write so much, especially when my subject of interest includes Paleontology -- which in itself, is already 165 characters.

Plus 2011 will be a special year. I’m getting married in a week’s time, we’re moving into our own place, my band is wrapping up on our first record, I’ll be writing more articles for publication, and Manchester City is on its way to world domination. So there is a lot talk about.

I guess I’ll sign off with my first installment to the project, for 1.1.11.

Spent the first day of the year helping my fiancee move out of her apartment. A monumental feat considering she's got stuff enough to fit a mansion. So we were bound to be driven bonkers. At which point I thought it was funny to perform this little trick I used to do as a kid with the sarong.

Amidst frantically boxing her things in the dusty room, she didn't find it too amusing. I did. Still am.

Wearing it as I'm typing now.


Kitty and I think that u should blog more! so Hell Yeah to the Maybe 365 Project:>

whoa. rasa macam Prince... apparently I "WAS sunsetdihatiku"

Thanks Was Sunsetdihatiku. You'll always be the Sunset of The Godbros' hearts, Was Sunsetdihatiku. You are.

sounds like a julie & julia copy je ni :P not that i watch 'those' kinda movies, but adat org kawin, you have to sit in those chick flick movies bro so that I get my NBA/W11 time on TV haha.

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