My 2011, In Tweets
December 31, 2011

Alright you guys have waited 364 days for this so here it is, "My 2011, In Tweets". Goes out to all of my loyal fans out there. Both of you.

January: Married the most beautiful girl in the world, @azaliasuhaimi. Here's the card I made (using her photo).

February: Drove into Singapore for the first time to watch Clapton live. Found out I had pack of Wrigley's in the car all the while. I win.

March: MRSM Pengkalan Chepa Class of 2000 Reunion. A great nostalgic day out with the guys who are mostly married, and permanently pregnant.

April: I turned 28. My wife took me to a boutique hotel on an island up north. Now I can't settle with anything that's not boutique.

May: Man City lifted the FA Cup after 35 years of insurmountable pain. I was bleeped like a Kardashian during a TV interview after the game.

June: Busking Barefoot, our travel blog, was launched. I do the writing and my wife does the photography. Most people come for the pictures.

July: Moved into our own place and welcomed a new member to our small family, Zalo the plastic bag eating tabby cat.

August: First Ramadhan as a married man. A month of self-reflection, soul-cleansing, and failing to wake each other up for sahur.

September: First Raya as a married man. The month I learned why men gain weight after marriage. Two sets of families, friends and Raya food.

October: Sweet Charity and Blues Gang reunion. Minetrane's first gig, on stage with Blues Gang. And United 1 - 6 City. It was an okay month.

November: Kicked off my venture into freelance copywriting. Hit me up if you've got a gig or two. It won't be that bad and that's a promise.

December: My brother got married to the girl of his dreams. Welcome to the family Siti. Sorry the balding gene skipped me for your husband.

2011 has been a great year of learning and re-learning, whatever that means. Sorry for my bad jokes all year long. More to come in 2012. :-)


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