Okay I Googled That Quote At The Bottom
December 29, 2012

If “How I Met Your Mother” was based on my life, it would be the shortest TV series ever. The pilot episode would go,

“Kids, the year was 2009. I had a thing for this girl so I asked Uncle Ikram to invite her to join us for lunch. He did, and that’s how I met your mother.”

That’s the kind of guy Ikram is. Never selfish, and always tries his best to make everyone happy. He didn’t even know my wife that well at the time. But knowing how much it would mean to me, he went ahead and risked his reputation by asking her to join his creepy group of friends for a meal.

And thanks to the number of weird guys he befriends, that wasn’t the only time he took one for the team. But seeing his loved ones happy remains at the top of his list. As his friends, Ikram has touched us in so many ways. (Sometimes too much.)

Yesterday, it was his turn, and I’ve never seen him happier. The rain had just stopped at the Tuanku Mizan Mosque in Putrajaya and the cool breeze was just perfect for the monument to host the event.

Ikram was to tie the knot with the girl of his dreams, Jannah, and the setting was as beautiful as you could imagine. Close family and friends gathered while the sun set as they become husband and wife.

As Rumi once said, “Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.”

And in these two, I see love. Congratulations guys.


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