In Defense of the People’s Paper
January 28, 2013

Love them or hate them, Harian Metro is the number one newspaper in the country. And with an average circulation of about 400,000 per day, they have rightfully earned this status. In clinics, offices and cabs, ruffled copies of “Metro” are everywhere. Not to mention that they are the primary source of exclusive news on massage parlors.

This weekend however, saw an error that might have put a dent on their reputation as the leading publisher of exceptional journalistic content.

In case you missed it, they had a feature on a celebrity couple who’d just made their romance public. In it, was a call-out that highlighted a quote from the male celebrity. It read, loosely translated,

“We like each other, and our love is mutual.”

Underneath it however, was not the male celebrity’s name. Printed in italic instead, was the name of the Prime Minister.

To give them the benefit of the doubt, this was probably an honest technical error more than anything. And it could happen to anyone with all the hassle of editing.

Not too long ago another Bahasa newspaper printed “Facts About Justin Bieber” instead of “Facts About Kazakhstan”. Which was a mistake unless Justin Bieber is actually a former Soviet country.

On that note, I hope we could all now move on and continue our undying support to the nation’s newspaper of choice. We’re behind you, Harian Metro. Keep on providing us with the good stuff, for us to read in the cab.


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